Stranger Things: 10 Times Steve And Dustin Were BFF Goals

Who knew that Steve and Dustin of all people would become the breakout stars of Stranger Things? Back in season one, Dustin was "the kid without teeth," and Steve was Nancy's popular boyfriend who harassed Jonathan and spray-painted nasty things on the local theater marquee. But now, two seasons later, they are the Netflix show's most popular characters thanks to their surprising depth and amazing chemistry.

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Seasons two and three were filled with hilarious moments between the two, most of which often came down to friendly ribbing. These are the ten times that Steve and Dustin were total BFF goals.

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10 Girl Advice

By the end of season two, Steve was giving Dustin some... rather questionable advice about girls. While walking in the woods, Steve tells him to act like he doesn't care about someone, even when he does.

Later, when Steve is dropping Dustin off at the dance, he once again reminds him to act like he doesn't care and tells him that he's "learning." It may be silly advice, but it's adorable that he's even trying in the first place. However, it clearly didn't work, seeing as how the only dance he got was from Nancy.

9 Dropping Dustin Off At The Dance

While we're on the subject of the school dance, let's go ahead and acknowledge how adorable it is that Steve gave Dustin a ride. Like a good older brother, Steve picked up Dustin at his house and drove him to the dance, supposedly giving him advice about girls along the way.

Before going into the dance, Steve tells Dustin that he looks great, gives him courage by pumping him up, and tells him (rather rightly) not to do that creepy "rrrrr" sound to the girls. We wish we had an older buddy like that growing up!

8 Giving Dustin Hair Advice

While bonding in the woods, Steve reveals the truth about his hair to Dustin. According to Steve, the secret to perfect hair is shampooing and conditioning, styling while the hair is still damp, and giving 'er four puffs of Farrah Fawcett's hairspray.

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Dustin obviously means a lot to Steve, because Steve threatens him with death if he lets the secret out. Dustin later uses Steve's tips on the night of the dance to... somewhat questionable results. Still, it was certainly worth a try, and it was nice of Steve to reveal his innermost secrets!

7 Protecting The Kids

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things

One of the most exciting sequences of season two is when Steve's gang is trapped in the junkyard by a pack of creatures. Capitalizing on his maternal instincts, Steve goes full Mamma Bear and proceeds to whack away at the creatures with his nail bat.

He also takes the lead throughout the excursion and keeps them safe by hoarding them in a bus. It was amazing to watch Steve become so caring and protective, and it was at this moment that the Mom Steve memes were born. He truly does care about these children!

6 Their Little Sword Fight

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer - Steve and Dustin

Is there anything more adorable than Steve's jubilation at seeing Dustin in the ice cream shop? He comes charging out the back door with a massive smile on his face, while Dustin shows great pride that Steve got the job at the ice cream shop. They're both so elated to see each other, and it is absolutely adorable.

But what's even cuter is their little sword fight handshake thing, which sees them clashing swords and making nerdy lightsaber sounds. What makes this whole scene even cuter is that it's in full view of both the customers and Robin. They're just so happy to be in each other's presence again and they don't care who knows it.

5 Looking For Russians

There's nothing more "Steve and Dustin" than looking around the mall through a pair of binoculars! While trying to find creepy, undercover Russian operatives, Steve and Dustin camp out near some plants and peer around the mall with a pair of shared binoculars.

There's just something so goofy and '80s about these two people chillin' in the mall and people watching with a pair of binoculars, and it takes us back to the more innocent and playful times of our youths. Of course, it's not so innocent because they're trying to save America here!

4 Slapping Dustin With A Banana Peel

Stranger Things Season 3 Character Ages

You're not great friends with someone until you slap them with a banana! While attempting to decode the Russian transmission, Steve and Dustin draw the attention of Robin, as they're not exactly being covert about it. Both Steve AND Dustin show excitement at Robin's "Russian," only to learn that she was actually talking pig Latin.

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In turn, Steve slaps Dustin with a banana peel and calls him an idiot. It's one of the funniest scenes of the entire season, and it shows that they are now at the point of their relationship where they can call each other idiots and slap each other with banana peels.

3 Sharing A Covert Conversation

At the very beginning of the season, Dustin intercepts a creepy Russian transmission and, naturally, the first person he goes to is Steve. Now isn't that just adorable? It shows that Dustin literally trusts Steve with his life, and it shows that Steve will believe quite literally anything that Dustin says.

Of course, the two share this conversation over ice cream, which only makes the whole situation that much cuter. It's like these two are stuck in an awkward place between "old married couple" and "childish teenagers." And we love it.

2 Steve's Lack Of Fighting Experience

One of the most distinguishing aspects of Steve's character is that he kind of sucks at fighting. He's lost fights in both seasons—one to Jonathan Byers, and another to Billy. Naturally, Dustin totally rails on Steve for his lack of fighting experience, kindly reminding him in a moment of naive confidence that he has lost not one, but two fights.

It takes a special kind of friend to reel someone back from their moment of confidence, and it takes an even special-er type to kindly remind them that they kind of suck at fighting. It may be a sore spot for Steve, but not if it comes from Dustin. The two are too close for that.

1 "Touch My Butt, I Don't Care!"

Maya Hawke, Joe Keery, and Gaten Matarazzo in Stranger Things 3

And now we've reached peak BFF goals: touching your friend's butt. While trying to force Dustin through a tiny vent, Steve is stupidly pushing on his feet trying to get him up and through. Not having any of that silliness, Dustin tells him to push him by the butt, yelling, "Touch my butt, I don't care!"

Of course, this just results in more nonsense, and Robin can only stare and shake her head in disappointment at the two idiots that she has been stuck with on this clandestine mission. It's a hilarious scene, and it proves that Steve and Dustin are now officially BFFs. As if that wasn't obvious already!

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