Stranger Things Soundtrack Will Be Released on Cassette

Stranger Things

It's been almost a year since Netflix's retro science-fiction adventure series Stranger Things released, and in honor of the show's one year anniversary, its memorable musical score will be released on cassette tape. The show was distinctive for its 1980s vibe, from its copious references to classic movies of the decade to tie-in promotional materials and merchandise that built on its iconic aesthetic.

While season two of Stranger Things recently wrapped filming, the show is still celebrating last year's critical and cult success with the release of more vintage merchandise.

Pitchfork reports that the original soundtrack of Stranger Things, scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, will be getting released on a red cassette this July. These tapes will be packaged in cases that look like VHS tapes with sleeves featuring the highly-stylized artwork of the show. Check out the new merchandise below:

The tapes will be available exclusively at Urban Outfitters from July 14th, with a price as yet unconfirmed. Earlier this year, the Stranger Things OST was released on vinyl, another exclusive bit of merchandise released with the quirky retailer. There were a series of color-variants which priced in the range of $24-30, yet the cassette is likely to be a lot cheaper. Prices of standard and deluxe cassette tapes tend to cost between $10-15, but the bespoke packaging of this OST could push up the price.

While many will be eager to pick up this latest piece of Stranger Things memorabilia when it releases this summer, most fans are looking ahead to a more horror-oriented season two. The showrunners have teased the second season's grand ideas and new creatures that make season one's Demogorgon look quaint - the perfect fit for a Halloween release date. The first season achieved critical and cult acclaim for its compelling young characters and its heavy cinematic inspirations (from Steven Spielberg to John Carpenter). An early teaser for season two displayed how the show is indeed staying true to its roots while aiming to deliver a much bigger, more personal story - closing out with the now iconic, electronic score.

The pulsating synth of the Stranger Things soundtrack is a key part of the show's overall popularity, with many referencing it as a deliberate homage to science fiction classics of the 1980s. Composers Dixon and Stein scored the show in a collaborative effort with the directing Duffer Brothers, with music and picture coming together simultaneously. Much of the music was conceived before final casting was completed and, according to Pitchfork, several demos were played against auditions. The arpeggiating soundtrack creates a synthetic backdrop to the show which was crucial in deciding the nostalgic and eerie tone of Stranger Things. To celebrate that - and to make the wait until season two more bearable - head down to Urban Outfitters on July 14th to pick up your copy of the acclaimed soundtrack on cassette. The retailer also sells cassette players, because your computer probably doesn't play tapes.

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Season two of Stranger Things releases on October 31st this year.

Source: Pitchfork

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