Stranger Things Season 3: 5 Theories Which Turned Out To Be True (And 5 Which Were Debunked)

Prior to the release of Stranger Things 3, there were a large number of theories being discussed online ranging from thoughts about what the trailers meant to theories about who would survive, who may return, and who might end up possessed. The theories ranged from plausible to crazy. Now that season 3 has been released, some of these theories have played out, while others were not to be.

This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 3 from the outset, as it discusses 5 Stranger Things Season 3 theories which turned out to be true, and 5 which were debunked.

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10 Billy Is The New Monster: Mostly True

This theory suggested that the mark on Billy’s arm which we saw in the trailer was the first stage of him turning into the new monster. As it turns out this theory is mostly, although not quite, true.

The monster is a version of the Mind Flayer, which possesses people and forces them to do its bidding. Later on, it consumes those it has possessed and absorbs them to create a new form. Billy is the first to be possessed, but he does not get absorbed, so he never becomes a true part of the monster, just its puppet.

9 Will Gets Possessed Again: Mostly Debunked

This season sees Will finally given at least a bit of a break. The trailer showed him looking panicked and sweaty, leading to speculation that he would be possessed again. Although he was indeed panicking, he wasn’t actually possessed.

While there is still a connection between Will and the Mind Flayer, however, it’s mostly just an uneasy feeling. The Mind Flayer is no longer in control, although Will can sense its presence, which proves to be a useful warning.

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8 Hopper And Joyce Still Don’t Get Together: True

Joyce and Hopper don’t have much luck at all. While we’ve long known Hopper has a soft spot for Joyce, this season it looked like the two may finally get together. After lots of bickering and some not so subtle straight talking by Murray, the frost started to thaw.

Earlier in the season, Joyce stands Hopper up for dinner, which we saw in the trailer. Eventually, she offers him another chance, clarifying that it is a date. However, the offer is made before the fateful season ending which sees the two torn apart permanently.

7 Robin Dies: Debunked

As a new character, especially one who doesn’t even have a last name, Robin seemed to be high on the list of people suspected to not see out the season. The trailer showed that she was clearly mixed up in whatever is going on in Hawkins, something which felt almost certain to be fatal. Combine this with the fact she appeared to be heading towards a relationship with Steve, another false prediction, and her fate appeared to be sealed.

However, Robin is, in fact, a key player in the season, and her intelligence helps not just herself, but also Steve and Dustin to uncover and survive the chaos that ensues.

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6 Dustin Finds Love: True

This is one of the more flimsy theories which turned out to be true. It was built entirely on the fact that the trailer is cut to make us feel sorry for Dustin, who has been at camp for the summer. The logic was that we’d be even more delighted when we discovered he had found love.

When he came home gushing about a girlfriend he met at camp, his friends were skeptical. After she didn’t answer his call from the specially made radio tower, it seemed to be confirmed that she was either fictional or not interested. That was until late in the series when she comes to the rescue in a memorable and glorious fashion.

5 We’ve Seen Eight And Eleven, Are The Others Coming? Debunked

In season 2 we saw Eight, leading many to hope that we would encounter other “siblings” from the lab. While Eight, known as Kali, didn’t stick around, there was hope that we may see some others in season 3. After all, even if earlier subjects were no longer around, surely at least Nine and Ten would likely be a similar age to Kali and El?

Sadly, it wasn’t too be and so far we’ve had no new information about any other children, or adults, who may have been in the lab.

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4 The Final Showdown Will Be In The Mall: True

This prediction was solid based on the amount of dramatic footage we saw centered around the mall. The final episode is also called “The Battle of Starcourt,” which further cements the theory.

Throughout the entire season, we can see that the climax is building to a showdown at Starcourt Mall. The location plays a key role in several storylines, and since the Russians are trying to open a gate to the Upside Down beneath the Food Court, it’s no surprise that everyone ends up here for the final showdown.

3 Mayor Klein Is Dr. Brenner: Debunked

There is a persistent theory that Dr. Brenner isn’t dead. The preseason 3 theory suggested that Dr. Brenner had surgery to disguise himself before coming back to Hawkins as Mayor Klein to open a new gate. While the part about reopening the rift beneath Hawkins is true, as is the mall being a diversion, Dr. Brenner’s fate still remains unknown.

Mayor Klein has so far been shown simply to be a corrupt mayor taking bribes from the Russians, who are the ones really opening up the rift.

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2 Nancy And Jonathan Have Discovered Something Big: True

There were two theories about Nancy and Jonathan, and both have turned out to be true. The first was that the clip from the trailer showed them interviewing for jobs at the Hawkins Post. While it wasn’t an interview, both do have summer internships at the newspaper.

The second theory was that they have discovered something big and want to use the press to reveal the truth. This also turned out to be true. Sadly, they weren’t believed, with Nancy in particular being laughed out of the office.

1 Electricity Is Key: Mostly Debunked

It was theorized that electricity would be central to the storyline, with many suspecting the jolts of electricity we saw in the trailer indicated some kind of electric-based monster.

As it turned out, while electricity was used, it was far from central to the plot. We already know that creatures from the Upside Down can affect the lights, as seen in previous seasons. This was continued but never expanded on. The electricity from the trailer was in fact from a machine which was opening the rift. Important for sure, but not directly connected to the monster as predicted.

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