Stranger Things: 10 Hilarious Season 3 Memes That Are Perfect

If you're reading this, chances are you're using one of over 40 million Netflix accounts that streamed the latest season of Stranger Things over the past week (or the night it came out). The third installment answers many questions we had lingering at the end of season 2, but leaves us wondering what's in store for season 4. Still, the episodes had plenty of heart-breaking, relatable, and iconic moments, and when you're an emotional wreck after binging a show, there's only one way to cope. And so here are some quality Stranger Things 3 memes that'll keep you going until season 4 comes out (or at least the next five minutes).

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10 Will Will Ever Be Happy?

Will Byers' troubles first began in season 1 when he was whisked away to the Upside Down. Then it happened again in season 2, leaving him possessed by the Mind-Flayer. But in season 3 he no longer seems to be the helpless victim. That is, until we realize he's suffering emotionally rather than supernaturally, since his friends are more preoccupied with their romantic woes than his D&D campaign.

9 High On Life

Several relationships form and evolve throughout the course of season 3, but the most iconic duo has to be Robin and Steve. Though they started out disliking each other, they go from rivals to frenemies to possible lovers to lifelong friends. Their true bonding moments happened under the influence of Russian truth serum, leading to some hilarious and touching scenes in the underground base and Starcourt mall.

Also, in case you didn't know, Robin is played by Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, and the family resemblance is uncanny.

8 Don't Be Sus

This one is especially funny because of a popular theory that started during the first season of the show. It says that Ben Schwartz's character Jean-Ralphio (left above) from the show Parks and Recreation is actually related to Steve Harrington, mostly because the two bear a striking resemblance and because both shows are set in Indiana. Whether or not this is true is up to the fans to decide. And in case you're wondering, the actors themselves are not related, but they are friends in real life.

Besides, the real question is whether Stranger Things is set in the same universe and Stephen King's IT.

7 At Least She Was Real

All throughout the season, Dustin references his girlfriend Suzie from camp and since she doesn't appear until the finale, viewers everywhere prayed that she was real. After Dustin's romantic misfortune in season 2, it was a heartwarming thing to see.

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The only issue was that the radio reunion occurred in the middle of an urgent plan to save the world. And the characters truly embodied all of our reactions when the couple began to inexplicably sing the theme from The Neverending Story.

6 It's All He Wanted For Three Seasons

As the DM, or Dungeon Master, Will is in charge of creating the campaigns and leading the other members of the party through the story when they play Dungeons and Dragons. He clearly puts a lot of work into his narratives, so it really is crushing to see others put girls, social life, and saving the world over some wholesome D&D fun.

5 He's Definitely Alive

As we've seen time and time again, Stranger Things does a great job building up the mystery and showing how the characters figure things out throughout the season. Interestingly enough, this latest season seemed to have people more invested in character relationships rather than the actual threat of the Russians or the Mind Flayer. Our hearts are with the characters who deserved better, AKA all of them.

4 Most Aesthetic Boss Fight Ever

As we all know, the creatures of the Upside Down like it cold, which is why the possessed are often seen taking those ice baths and why they literally can't stand the heat. So when you ask someone how to fight back against the Mind Flayer, one might say "Fire would work!"

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And fireworks are exactly what the gang used in the epic season finale to corner the monster in the Starcourt Mall. It was an appropriate choice of weapon given the patriotic nature of the holiday the show was released and took place on.

3 Why Won't ThEY STICK?

While portraying a loving, caring mother who will go to any lengths to protect her children, Winona Ryder's character, Joyce, still occasionally comes across as a manic conspiracy theorist. Sometimes it's lights, sometimes it's drawings, and in the latest season, her fascination seems to be with magnets. To be fair, she was on to something that would explain the weird stuff going on in Hawkins (this time) but her research did border enough on obsession for us to question her well-being.

2 Mind Flayer Who?

As we've said before, the real conflict of this season was not the secret Russian lab or the newly spawned Mind Flayer. It is actually the happiness of every character in their personal lives. Yes, the town is being terrorized by a flesh-absorbing creature and sure, people are being mind-controlled into committing murder.

But is that really a big deal though? What the people really wanted to know was if Joyce and Hopper would ever get together, if Mike and El would reconcile, if Billy would redeem himself, if Alexei would ever have a cherry slurpee again.

Tragically, while the Mind Flayer was dealt with, none of our actual hopes and dreams for the characters came true.

1 Can't We Though

This is probably something many people didn't think about, given the weird but captivating nature of the scene where Dustin and Suzie sing the theme from The Neverending Story. One might argue that if she had just given Dustin the code, there would've been time to shut down the machine faster saving Hopper from the Russian hitman and Billy from the Mind Flayer.

In case you were wondering, the meme format seems to be "Robin's Harsh Truths." In Steve's case, it's that he sucks.

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