Millie Bobby Brown Plays Coy About Stranger Things Season 4 Renewal

SPOILERS for Stranger Things 3

Millie Bobby Brown plays coy about Stranger Things being renewed for a fourth season. First airing in 2016, the show quickly became one of Netflix's most popular original programs and has been a staple of their lineup ever since. Last week, the third season premiered (nearly two years after season 2), continuing the story in exciting ways by combining classic blockbuster spectacle with compelling character drama dealing with the harsh realities of growing up. By the time season 3 ended, Stranger Things' status quo was irreversibly changed, raising numerous questions about the show's future.

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Stranger Things 3's finale contained one surprising development after another. Eleven mysteriously lost her powers (and they still hadn't returned three months later), police chief Jim Hopper apparently died a hero, and the Byers family, with Eleven now in their custody, moved out of Hawkins. That doesn't even include the end-credits tease of the Russians, who have an American prisoner and a Demogorgan in their possession. Those are all fascinating threads for a season 4, but one of the show's biggest stars is staying mum about it.

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While conducting a livestream Q&A on her Instagram account, Brown was asked about Stranger Things 4. After mimicking locking her lips shut and throwing the key away, the actress had this to say:

"I don't know. I mean, guys, these are all questions that you just know I can't answer. Even though I could potentially know the answer and probably you know the answer. But you just feel free to ask me because you think I'm gonna tell you, but I actually, legally, cannot."

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Eleven Blindfolded

Brown's insistence to preserve Netflix's secrets and honor whatever NDAs are in her contract is admirable, but it seems like a foregone conclusion Stranger Things season 4 will officially get the green light soon. Stranger Things 3 set new viewership records for the streaming giant, indicating the show is a bigger draw than it's ever been. The Duffer brothers have also envisioned Stranger Things lasting at least four seasons (possibly extending to a fifth), so it's clear they have more story to tell. While the season 3 finale definitely felt like the end of an era, it was not the end of the entire series. The presence of a Marvel-esque post-credits stinger is proof of that. As she says, Brown just isn't allowed to say anything about a possible fourth season because it hasn't been announced yet.

Since everyone knows Stranger Things is coming back for a season 4, the big question becomes when it will premiere. The season 3 finale appeared to have some clues, with the kids planning to see each other over holiday breaks during the school year. It wouldn't be surprising if season 4 made its way to Netflix in time for Thanksgiving 2020, but that remains to be seen. The Duffer brothers aren't going to rush, and Netflix is willing to give their creative team the time they need to ensure the next episodes are up to snuff. Until then, fans will be theorizing and speculating about what the future holds for Stranger Things.

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