Stranger Things’ Erica Actor Wants More Adventures With The Main Group In Season 4

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer - Erica

Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson says she would enjoy seeing Erica go on more adventures with the main group in season 4. Though Erica was introduced in season 2, Lucas' younger sister saw her role and popularity grow in this summer's season 3, where she was part of the now-iconic Scoops Troop. Teamed up with Dustin, Steve, and newcomer Robin for most of the season, Erica was a definite scene-stealer and responsible for some of Stranger Things' biggest laughs. Her line, "You can't spell America without Erica" might be the quote of season 3.

The Stranger Things creative team is very tuned in to the pulse of the fan community, and they know what viewers respond too. After "Dad Steve" became the breakout star of season 2, it wasn't surprising to see season 3 lean more into Steve's dynamic with Dustin. Many are hoping to see more of the Scoops Troop when Stranger Things returns for season 4 (though, sadly, the Scoops Ahoy shop is no more), and Ferguson counts herself among those ranks.

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Last week, Screen Rant had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Orlando for a special R.I.P. Tour of Halloween Horror Nights 2019. During our stay there, we had the opportunity to speak with Ferguson and asked her about Erica's future in season 4. The actress remained tight-lipped about the subject, but she did say she would like to see Erica's adventures with the main group continue.

At this point, it looks like that has a good chance of happening. Season 3 altered the Stranger Things status quo by moving the Byers family and Eleven out of Hawkins in the finale. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas seemed to be welcoming towards making Erica a permanent fixture of their party by giving her Dungeons and Dragons materials so she could eventually play the game with them. When Stranger Things season 4 picks up, it'll be interesting to see how that plot point's evolved and if Erica is indeed a member of the inner circle. She's definitely proved her worth by helping save the world, and now that she's caught up to speed with all the bizarre happenings in Hawkins, it would be disappointing (and a missed opportunity) if she sat the next crazy event out on the sidelines.

Seeing more of Erica would be great, but it may also benefit Stranger Things if she's grouped with other characters. The Scoops Troop will always have a place in fans' hearts, but running that back for another round may lead to diminished returns. Part of what made season 2's Steve and Dustin friendship so effective was how unexpected it was. It would be cool if Erica had some unlikely teammates in season 4, allowing viewers to see a different side of the character (and perhaps have her grow). Whatever happens, it sounds like her adventures in Hawkins are only getting started.

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