Stranger Things Season 3 Is Its Most Watched to Date

Season 3 of Stranger Things is the most watched season of the hit show. Created by the Duffer Brothers for Netflix, Stranger Things is one of the streaming service's biggest original programs. Season 4 was announced last month.

Stranger Things has become something of a pop culture phenomenon, receiving its own video games, comics, and collectibles. Acclaimed for its characters, storytelling and homages to '80s era pop culture, the show has received three successful seasons. In the first season, a child named Will Byers became trapped in an alternate dimension dubbed the Upside Down. The horrors continued in season 2, which saw Will being possessed by the Mind Flayer, the Upside Down's sinister ruler. In season 3, part of the Mind Flayer is in the human world, and he creates a large body to wreak havoc. The season brought the characters together for the biggest battle of their lives. In many ways, season 3 was the culmination of the events that preceded it. The season broke records early on, so it's not a surprise it ended up being the most successful yet.

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The first two seasons of Stranger Things were successful for Netflix, but season 3 tops them. Netflix recently revealed season 3 was watched by 64 million member households during its first month of launch. Check out the company's Tweet below.

Given the cliffhanger of the show's second season, it's no wonder anticipation was high for season 3. The latest season also saw romances, new characters, and the biggest action set pieces of the series. It also saw (seemingly) the death of Hopper, but the show's creators are being coy about the character actually being dead. It remains to be seen if season 4 can top season 3, and bring in the biggest views yet.

Speculation about season 4 is rampant, from potentially bringing back Hopper, to the possibility of time travel. Based on season 3's cliffhanger, the Demogorgon will make a terrifying comeback. It's not known if the Mind Flayer will return, but technically he should still be alive in the Upside Down. Eleven dealing with having no powers could be a plot point, and the trailer tagline, "We're not in Hawkins anymore" implies a new setting. Will's family and Eleven moved away from Hawkins at the end of season 3, while the other characters remained in the town. There are plenty of ways the season can go, but it will probably be awhile before fans are given answers. There was a gap of nearly two years between seasons 2 and 3. Unless Netflix surprises fans with a 2020 release, a launch in 2021 appears more likely for Stranger Things season 4.

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