Stranger Things Season 3: 10 Things Fans Are Dying To See Happen

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 is almost upon us. We can't wait to see Eleven, Mike, and all the gang again — and there are things we REALLY want.

If there's one Netflix original that the company has struck gold with, it's Stranger Things. Through two seasons, the Duffer Brothers created series has become a favorite for fans of science fiction, horror, and good old fashioned 80s nostalgia. That second season arrived in the fall of 2017, so audiences have waited over a year for new episodes.

Stranger Things 3 is set to premiere on Independence Day 2019. There are a lot of questions fans want to be answered and plenty of cool things we hope to see with this new batch of episodes. Here you'll find ten things fans want to see this season above all else.

10 Will Being A Normal Kid

Poor Will Byers. Outside of the opening minutes of the premiere and the final few minutes of the finale, he spent season one trapped in the Upside Down. In season two, he was haunted by his time there and then got possessed by the Shadow Monster. At this point, we just want to see him living a normal life.

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Early in season two, Will couldn't even enjoy a night of trick-or-treating as the Ghostbusters with his friends due to the visions he was having. It would be wonderful if season three wasn't about Will's life in peril. It's the rare case where a character would be better served to kind of just hang out and not be such a focal point.

9 Other Experimented Children

Season two opened with a seemingly out of place scene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a young girl showed off the ability to make others see whatever she wanted. We later learned her name was Kali and that she was Eleven's "sister" and was marked as number "8" in a series of experiments at Hawkins Lab.

Knowing that there were at least 11 of these kids means that more may be out there. While we don't need another entire episode dedicated to one of them, it would be great to learn how many are out there. We'd like to see them and get to know more about what capabilities they have. Why were these specific kids chosen? These are the things fans really want to know.

8 More Cohesiveness

Remember near the end of season one when all of the core characters came together to save Will and fight the Demogorgon? It was awesome to see everyone finally be on the same page. If there was one issue with season two, it's that those characters spent a lot of time apart.

Eleven doesn't interact with anyone but Hopper until the finale. Nancy and Jonathan go off and do their own thing for about half the season. This time around, we'd love to see everyone together for a longer period of time. We understand that it can't always be that way, but we just want more.

7 New Character Interactions

Coming into season two, nobody could've predicted that we'd fall in love with the bromance of Dustin and Steve or the father/daughter relationship between Hopper and Eleven. These unexpected pairings are where the series shined brightest and we want more of that.

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The trailers already hint at Eleven and Max being friends, which is something we look forward to. Maybe have Will and Nancy interact. Or Lucas and Billy since there was a lot of tension there last season. We're not saying these will work, but it'll be nice to see characters mix in ways we haven't seen before.

6 Return To The Upside Down

In season one, Hopper, Joyce, Barb, Will, and Nancy all ventured into the Upside Down for one reason or another. In season two, Hopper was the only one to return other than when Joyce and Bob saved him. We want more traveling to the Upside Down this time around.

We understand that Eleven closed the gate at the end of season two, but a new one could always be opened. So much of this show is predicated on the Upside Down, so we want more of it. Give us an extended look at life there. An entire episode taking place in the Upside Down sounds like a cool new direction to take the show.

5 A Bob Flashback

One of the best additions to the second season was Sean Astin as Bob Newby. He was Joyce's boyfriend who we couldn't help but love. Bob was likable, brave, and quickly became a fan favorite. His death in the penultimate episode was arguably the saddest moment in Stranger Things history.

Bob's death means he won't play a role in the new season, but fans love him so much that seeing him again would be a treat. It can just be a short flashback where Joyce is remembering him or maybe even him giving some technical advice to the kids that helps them in a new adventure. Whatever it is, any bit of Bob is welcome.

4 Joyce And Hopper Get Together

As much as we loved Bob, this is something that Stranger Things has been building to since the very first episode. Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper interacted in that episode and have been an integral part of each other's lives since. There hasn't been a ton of sexual tension between them, but it's there.

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No matter what happens, Joyce and Hopper are always there for each other. Hopper went into the Upside Down with her to save Will, and she went in to rescue him. With Bob sadly out of the picture, the door is open for them to try something romantically. Plus, this season takes place in the summer and there's no better time for love to bloom.

3 New Monsters

So far, viewers have been exposed to a few creatures from the Upside Down. There was the Demogorgon in season one and then the combination of the Demodogs and Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster in season two. They're great monsters and it looks like the Mind Flayer will be back this season, but we want more.

The vast size of the Upside Down means there should be way more than just these three species of monsters. They all look really cool, so we know the showrunners can craft inventive monsters. Hopefully, they expand on this area for the new season and really put the heroes to the test.

2 More From The Bromance

When Dustin hopped into Steve's car as they headed off to fight Dart, it sparked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Steve acting as a big brother to Dustin made him more endearing than ever before. He was protective, he gave advice, and their chemistry made for some of the show's best moments.

Everything the two do together is entertainment gold. From Steve giving out the secrets of how he gets his hair to look so good to helping Dustin with the ladies, this is the stuff we desperately want more of. The ideal scenario for season three is to see them hang out in almost every episode.

1 The Full Extent Of Eleven's Powers

Eleven is an incredibly intriguing character. We've learned a decent amount about her back story over the years, but we still don't know everything about her powers. Eleven obviously has telekinetic abilities and she has traveled into the conscience of her mother, but what else can she do?

Even if Eleven doesn't have any new powers, we want to know how far they go. Why is she so connected to the Upside Down and what does it ultimately mean? Kali helped her focus enough to move an entire train with her mind. Could someone else guide her to do even bigger feats? There's so much more about Eleven's powers that we want to know.

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