Stranger Things Theory: Eleven Will See The "Future" In Season 3

Eleven Sees the Future in Stranger Things Season 3

Will Stranger Things season 3 have some of the 1980s children see the future, possibly even Eleven herself? At the heart of Stranger Things lies the idea that some individuals have real potential psychic abilities. For years, the sinister Dr. Brenner has been conducting secret experiments upon children who he believed possessed these powers. He's had at least two successes, revealing just what the human mind can be capable of.

Dr. Brenner's most notable success, of course, is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown); the star of Stranger Things, a young girl who possesses tremendous telekinetic powers and can flip trucks with her mind. Stranger Things season 2 then introduced another of Dr. Brenner's previous test subjects, Kali, a girl who could cast an illusion into another person's mind. Ever since, there's been speculation among fans of the show that Stranger Things could introduce other psychic abilities, perhaps by revealing that some of Dr. Brenner's other test subjects really did have superhuman abilities as well.

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Century Books has just published the first official Stranger Things tie-in novelSuspicious Minds, by Gwenda Bond. It spins back in time to 1969, and focuses on a group of college-age teenagers who became Dr. Brenner's first test subjects at Hawkins, Indiana. One of them is Terry Ives, Eleven's mother. But another girl, Alice Johnson, is of most interest; the book reveals that she had psychic powers too - ones that even Dr. Brenner failed to discovered - that could have a big impact on Stranger Things season 3.

The Upside-Down Can Be Used To View The Future

Per Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, Alice Johnson was a strange woman, born into a family of drug addicts and brought up by her uncle. She worked at his garage, and had come to love machines and technology, developing real skill at pulling them apart and putting them back together. When Alice saw an ad asking for women with remarkable skills, her uncle encouraged her to answer, and she unwittingly stumbled into Dr. Brenner's experiments. Brenner was still trying to figure out how this new science worked and what could trigger psychic powers; he gave Alice drugs and subjected her to electroshock therapy to see if he could activate any latent ability within her.

Although he didn't realize it, Brenner's experiments were highly successful. Alice began to glimpse the Upside-Down, and then more detailed visions of strange creatures (from the descriptions the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer), an older Dr. Brenner and experiments on a child she deduced was Terry's daughter, Jane, aka Eleven. Alice's power, new to the world of Stranger Things, was the ability to see the future.

This has some major implications for the future of Stranger Things. Not much more is explicitly stated about Alice's power, but it's implied this clairvoyance comes from an ability to tap into the Upside-Down. Suspicious Minds also strongly suggests that visionaries are unable to change what will happen; for all Alice and Terry's best efforts, Jane still wound up in Dr. Brenner's clutches and became Eleven.

Does Eleven Have The Ability To See The Future?

Naturally, this raises the question of whether or not Eleven herself can see the future by accessing the Upside-Down in Stranger Things. She's certainly the most remarkable of all Dr. Brenner's test subjects, the only one who could actually open and close portals between the real world and the Upside-Down.

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For all Eleven's power, though, there's currently no evidence she's capable of this additional feat. So far in Stranger Things, there's not been any overlap in terms of the power-sets displayed by Dr. Brenner's test subjects; Eleven is a telekinetic, Kali can project illusions, and Alice can have visions of years into the future. It's reasonable to assume this is a deliberate decision on the part of showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer, allowing them to impose limits on what their characters are capable of.

However, that doesn't mean this new power will be irrelevant and just a fun aside. According to Suspicious Minds, Dr. Brenner's first seven test subjects were duds, lacking any psychic abilities. But the book is conspicuously silent about numbers Nine and Ten, and there's no reason Dr. Brenner stopped trying to find more potential subjects after Eleven was born. Brenner's confirmed to still be alive, meaning he's probably continuing to perform his sick experiments by the time of Stranger Things season 3. Who knows what other psychic abilities he's tapped into over the years? Alice managed to hide her visions from Dr. Brenner, but there's no reason to assume other subjects had the same success.

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