Stranger Things Star Confirms Season 3?

Stranger Things star David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, seemingly confirms season 3 of the hit sci-fi Netflix series. The first season of the Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things hit Netflix last summer, and became the sleeper hit of the season as more and more viewers tuned in the watch a group of small-town kids search for their missing friend, stumble across a girl named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) with mysterious powers, and uncover the dangerous results of experiments conducted at Hawkins Laboratory.

The season 1 finale of Stranger Things tied up the majority of the show's story beats up to that point, but left viewers wanting to learn more about Eleven, the return of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) from the Upside Down, and the rest of the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Fortunately, Netflix renewed Stranger Things for season 2, which will premiere later this year. Now, according to Harbour, the streaming service may have already also ordered season 3 of Stranger Things.

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In an interview with TMZ, Harbour spoke about the young cast growing up while on the set of Stranger Things, and the benefits of working with the young actors - who include Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas in addition to Schnapp and Brown. While addressing how the cast growing up affects the shoot, Harbour said, "In season 2 and season 3 they’ll grow up, you’ll watch them grow up." When pushed on whether season 3 has been officially ordered by Netflix, Harbour backpedaled a bit and said, "I think so, but if they hate season 2 then maybe not. But I think there’ll be a season 3."

In terms of the series' longevity, showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer do have multiple seasons of Stranger Things planned, so if the show's second outing is as successful as its first, it's likely Netflix will officially renew the show for season 3. Plus, Matt Duffer revealed last year that Netflix gave them the go ahead on Stranger Things season 2 before season 1 premiered, so it's entirely possible the streaming service has already told the cast and creative team to get working on season 3. Even with season 2 getting a green light before season 1 debuted, the sophomore outing is hitting the streaming service nearly a year and a half after the show first debuted. If Netflix wants to keep the time between Stranger Things seasons down to a minimum, the showrunners will need to start work on season 3 soon.

That said, it's possible Netflix hasn't officially renewed Stranger Things yet and is waiting for season 2 to debut - or, at least, the first reviews to roll out - in order to gauge how much interest the series still garners. As previously stated, there has been a year and a half between seasons so excitement may have cooled off for an additional season of Stranger Things. Still, each new trailer for Stranger Things has been met with mostly positive reactions, including the show's Comic-Con trailer that debuted last month, so it seems likely the popularity of the show is still growing. Should the reactions to Stranger Things season 2 be as positive once the full season debuts, hopefully Netflix doesn't take too much time to officially announce season 3.

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Stranger Things season 2 arrives on Netflix on October 27.

Source: TMZ

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