Stranger Things Phoneline Suggests [SPOILER] Is Still Alive

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 3!

Stranger Things has created a special phoneline that allows viewers to hear a prerecorded message from an important season 3 character. Here's everything you need to know about the message and what it could mean for a specific character's fate.

Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) makes his return in Stranger Things season 3 as he helps Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) with the kidnapped Russian, Alexei (Alec Utgoff). The private investigator played a role in season 2 as he assisted Jonathan and Nancy in the takedown of Hawkins Lab. Murray was hired by Barb's (Shannon Purser) parents to explain her disappearance but with new information from Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer), they were able to put the blame with Barb's death on the lab in order to give her parents closure.

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In season 3, Hopper and Joyce make the trek to Illinois to use Murray as a Russian translator. As the group bickers about what to do with the new information that Alexei provides, Hopper decides to call a special number that Dr. Owens' (Paul Reiser) provided to pass on that Hawkins needs backup. Joyce isn't happy with Hopper's urgency so she calls the number back with a more threatening manner to elicit a faster response. She also gives Murray's home phone number in case they need to get in touch. The number, 618-625-8313, is actually in service and fans can call it to hear a special message.

What Happens When You Call Murray's Number 618-625-8313?

Murray's home phone number is an open phoneline that viewers can call. When you do so, it rings three times before a recorded voice message begins as Murray introduces the number as his direct point of contact. First, is a message to Murray's mom as he warns her to hang up and reminds her to only call between the hourse of five and six. The second message is to Joyce, revealing that he's been trying to reach her and if she's calling, he has something to share with her but he rather it be done in person. Murray also claims it's "not good or bad but it's something."

Murray then turns his attention to any other caller as he appearently gets many solicitors as a private investigator. He tells the rest of the callers , including yourself, that they are not clever and instead, they're nimwits for contacting him. He then orders you to hang up and to never call again before stating "you are a parasite" before the message abruptly ends.

Could The Message Mean That Hopper Is Alive?

The prerecorded message is surely a fun joke made by Netflix as an Easter egg centering on the new season. But the part of Murray's message aimed at Joyce is extremely interesting. He has something important to tell Joyce and he doesn't want to share it with her over the phone. This means it's a sensitive subject that he doesn't want revealed to anyone that could be listening.

Joyce moved away at the end of Stranger Things season 3 and it's possible that Murray doesn't have a way to reach her at the Byers' new home. It makes sense that Joyce hasn't accepted Hopper's death so she could have asked Murray to investigate. Anything is possible in the world of Stranger Things and technically, Hopper's body wasn't directly shown to disinegrate like the rest of the men by the machine.

The Russians could have taken him before the machine shut off. Maybe they escaped through doorway before the explosion and managed to get away before the Americans took over the mall. This would explain why Murray doesn't want to talk over the phone as the Russians could be listening in on his phone calls to keep track of the suspicion. Maybe the phoneline is just a cool Stranger Things feature but maybe it's actually meant to give viewers hope leading up to season 4.

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