Stranger Things Season 3 Should Finish Filming By November

Stranger Things season 3 will finish principal photography in November, executive producer Shawn Levy says. Debuting in 2016, the period sci-fi horror series has quickly become a fan-favorite thanks to its perfect blend of action adventure with hints of '80s nostalgia, not to mention the charisma of its cast. Sadly, the delay for its next installment left people without a new season this year, with fans having to wait until mid-2019 before fresh episodes roll out on Netflix.

Considering where the darker season 2 left things off, there is a myriad of ways that Stranger Things season 3 can pan out. Plot details are still being kept under wraps but the show is expected to pick up after a significant time jump. Things will be different for Eleven, who now goes by her new name, Jane Hopper, and is living the life of a normal teen. However, those who are worried that the recent cheeky teaser focusing on Hawkins' new Starcourt Mall is indicative of a lighter and humorous tone for the series' latest installment need not to worry as season 3 is promised to be darker and more action-packed.

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Catching up with THR at the red carpet during the Emmys, Levy offered fans an update about the ongoing production for Stranger Things season 3. The executive producer said that they'll be done filming in two months, which gives them a lot of time for post-production before the series' expected debut next year. And while he won't give out any plot-related details, he teased that the show's upcoming outing their biggest season yet "cinematically." Levy has also previous called the new season their most ambitious one yet.

Mike and Eleven at the end of Stranger Things Season 2

Patrick Braillard, Creative Development Show Director and Writer at Universal Orlando, told Screen Rant's own Rob Keyes during a tour of the Stranger Things house at Halloween Horror Nights earlier this month that they are expected to finish production on Halloween Day. And although Braillard's provided wrap-up date isn't exactly in November, it checks out with Levy's timetable. Perhaps they're giving themselves several buffer days in case there's an unforeseeable delay in their schedule. Nonetheless, chances are that Stranger Things season 3 will be done filming by November.

When Stranger Things season 3 ends filming in a couple of months, it will have taken them the same amount of time it took filming the show's second season, although it had nine episodes compared to the upcoming one which is believed to only have eight. Putting it into perspective, the show's first season, which also had eight episodes, only took roughly four months of principal photography. The longer production period could be due to implementing extra security measures after the show blew up following its first season.

What's more interesting is that season 3 will have more time for post-production. Unlike both seasons 1 and 2 which only had around four months in post-production, the forthcoming outing will have roughly six months between filming wraps up and its release. Taking Levy's comment about Stranger Things season 3 being their biggest cinematic year yet into consideration, the longer time at post-production might have something to do with polishing more and and bigger VFX-heavy sequences.

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Source: THR

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