10 Stranger Things Season 3 Fan Theories That May Just Turn Out To Be True

Netflix’s Stranger Things has been a huge hit for the streaming platform. The quirky science fiction-horror show, created by the Duffer Brothers, has captured the imagination of audiences across the globe. The third season drops on July 4th and rumors about the show’s upcoming storylines are in full swing.

We already know some details about the forthcoming season, such as the cast list and episode titles, while other information is simply rumors and theories. The one about Bob returning as a vampire may not be convincing anyone, but others are much more credible.

Here are the 10 Stranger Things season 3 theories most likely to be true.

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Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Billy Infected
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10 Billy Is The New Monster

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Billy Infected

After Steve captured the hearts of the audience, his character transformation left the show in need of a new jerk. In season 2 Billy appeared and quickly stepped into the role. While he’s definitely a monster, the rumors are that it may be literal as well as figurative.

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This is due to the strange abrasion we saw on his arm. Combine this with the new monster, which looks distinctly Cronenburgesq, and fans are left speculating. Is Billy about to transform into the beast in the trailer, reminiscent of Jeff Goldblum in 80’s Chronenburg classic The Fly? This theory has legs and possibly tentacles.

9 The Final Showdown Will Be In The Mall

Stranger Things Season 3

The trailer shows the new mall, named Starcourt, several times, signifying that it’s likely to be a focal point for the season. We see Eleven and Max in the mall, as well as Steve working in a burger joint.

While many of the more dramatic clips in the trailer appear to feature a funfair, many more appear as if they are inside the mall. The presence of Steve in his work uniform is another clue but the real evidence is the final episode title, "The Battle of Starcourt." Expect this rumor to be true.

8 The Upside Down Is Hawkins

HHH Stranger Things Upside Down Lab

This theory is more speculative than most but holds up to scrutiny. The premise is that the Hawkins we see in the Upside Down is actually the Hawkins we know, just in the future.

The Upside Down has many features in common with Hawkins. The differences are mostly cosmetic and the Upside Down is more derelict, darker and colder. The theory suggests that this is due to a nuclear war and those monsters are people or animals which mutated after the fall out. While dark, this one could just be true.

7 Dustin Finds Love

In the trailer Dustin is often pictured alone, mirroring his luck with girls from the first two seasons. While his friends are on hand to welcome him home, albeit with a trick, there’s no glimpse of love on the horizon.

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The theory is that the trailer is making you feel for Dustin, so it’s more impactful when he finally finds love in the show. This one is flimsier than most theories but Dustin fans will no doubt be hoping it’s true.

6 Nancy And Jonathan Have Discovered Something Big

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Nancy and Jonathan

The trailer sees Nancy and Jonathan sat in The Hawkins Post reception dressed in their smartest clothes. There are a couple of theories about this snippet. One is that they are interviewing for jobs, having worked with investigative journalist and PI Murray Bauman in the last season.

The other is that they’ve been investigating again and want to use the press to reveal the truth about the mysterious happenings in Hawkins. Both theories are plausible and we may even see them both play out in season 3.

5 Hopper And Joyce Still Don’t Get Together

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Jim Hoppers Date

Through the entire series there has been something between Joyce and Hopper but the timing has never been right. The trailer shows Hopper telling Joyce he wants her to feel safe. As it continues we see Hopper sat alone in a restaurant which then cuts to Joyce eating at home alone. So did he finally ask Joyce on a date? Did she stand him up?

The general feeling is that this relationship is still going to be a rollercoaster, with fans hoping that one day they’ll get a happy ending. It's not looking likely for this season though.

4 We’ve Seen Eight And Eleven, Are The Others Coming?

Back in season 2 we met Kali, or 8. If she was the eighth in the lab and El is the eleventh, where are the others? Season 2 didn’t offer any answers but there’s hope that season 3 may. The children were likely seperated but the first victims could easily be fully grown adults now.

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Are some of the unknown people in the trailer other children or adults from the lab? Do they have powers too? This one's less a theory, more a whole heap of questions we hope season 3 provides some answers for.

3 Mayor Klein Is Dr Brenner

Stranger Things 3 Trailer - Mayor Kline

Dr. Brenner was the scientist responsible for raising Eleven in the lab and for opening the gateway to the Upside Down. He was attacked in season 1 but there are rumors that he is in fact still alive.

One theory states that Dr. Brenner may well have had surgery to disguise his looks and is back in town as Mayor Klein. It's been suggested that the new mall is a diversion, distracting the town while he uses the fair’s power to open up a new rift. This one would certainly answer a few questions.

2 Will’s In Trouble Again

Will has always been central to the chaotic goings on in Hawkins. In season 1 he was abducted by the Demogorgon and spent most of the season in the Upside Down. After his rescue many thought season 2 would be calmer for him but they were mistaken as we saw him possessed by the Mind Flayer.

It appears that in season 3 Will still can’t catch a break as he’s pictured sweaty and paniced, looking far from okay. Whatever is going on in Hawkins, it appears Will is yet again right in the middle of it. This one is highly likely to pan out.

1 Electricity Is Key

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer - Explosion

Electricity is a long established link between Hawkins and the Upside Down. It began way back in season 1, when will used Christmas lights to communicate with his mom. This trailer is full of flashing lights, bolts of electricity and what appear to be power outages.

The theory that the monsters are manipulating electricity is highly likely to be correct, since we see multiple instances which appear to confirm this in the trailer. We also see that Eleven can manipulate electronics as well. It certainly looks like electricity is going to be central to the storyline.

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