Stranger Things Will Bring Back Lucas' Sister

The minds behind Stranger Things loved Lucas' sister Erica so much, they kept adding her into scenes. Naturally, she'll return in season 3.

At least one new character has been confirmed to return for season 3 of Stranger Things: Lucas' sister Erica. Much of the concern regarding a second season of Stranger Things was whether the unique tone of last year could be recaptured. Not only did the music and mysteries create a distinct atmosphere for the show, but the characters all quickly became beloved. Naturally, many of the returning favorites were expected to continue to impress, but could the new characters live up their predecessors?

When it comes to the new additions for season 2 of Stranger Things, mileage may vary. What's become clear in the days since the show debuted, however, is that fans of the series are absolutely smitten with Lucas' little sister Erica. Though she's never heavily featured, she instantly joins the show's pantheon of quirky family members of the Hawkins A/V Club kids. While most of the other siblings and parents are affable enough, however, Erica proved to be the relative with some serious roasting skills. And with the Duffer Brothers already working on season 3 of Stranger Things, they're keeping their eye on her.

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Yahoo spoke with Stranger Things showrunners/creators Matt and Ross Duffer about the addition of Erica in season 2. According to Matt, she wasn't meant to be so prominently featured - but that all changed once actor Priah Ferguson started working.

“I love Erica. [Ferguson] was just a local hire we made in Atlanta. Erica wasn’t even supposed to be in [season 2] as much as she was. We fell in love with this girl.”

While Netflix shows don't have the benefit of gaging audience reaction when it comes to new characters, it's clear that the Duffer Brothers saw something special in Ferguson's performance. And while her brief burns were certainly part of her charm, fans all over social media are still clamoring for more of the character. Luckily, Ross says she's not going anywhere.

“There will definitely be more Erica in season 3. That is the fun thing about the show — you discover stuff as you’re filming. We were able to integrate more of her in, but not as much you want because the story [was] already going. ‘We got to use more Erica,’ that was one of the first things we said in the writers’ room.”

As Ross states, there was certainly a lot going on in the show already. Still, one of the issues with season 1 of Stranger Things was how little of Dustin and Lucas' home life was shown. Season 2 definitely course corrected in that regard, highlighting both of the kids and their entertaining family members. It looks as if season 3 of Stranger Things will continue that positive trend.

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Stranger Things seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

Source: Yahoo

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