Stranger Things Season 2 Casts Nashville Actor Will Chase

Netflix's Stranger Things season 2 casts Nashville vet Will Chase in a 'pivotal' role, adding to a growing list of new characters.

Nashville Will Chase

Nashville vet Will Chase has joined the growing season 2 cast of Netflix's Stranger Things. The series, a sleeper hit from last summer, has been slowly rolling out details since landing a renewal shortly after its debut. Thus far, producers have teased a bigger, darker, more horror-oriented return, as well as justice for fallen fan-favorite Barb and more time in its treacherous second dimension, the Upside Down.

The show has also added a slew of new faces, including Paul Reiser (Mad About You, Aliens), Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings), and Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen. Reiser is playing a kindhearted former nerd who went to high school with Joyce (Winona Ryder), Astin will appear as a high-ranking member within the Department of Energy, and Berthelsen has a much more enigmatic role as an emotionally damaged woman named Roman.

As reported by TV Line, Chase has signed on in a "pivotal" recurring role as Neil Mayfield, the father of a family who recently moved to Hawkins, Indiana from California. The outlet smartly theorizes that he's the dad of new kids Max and Billy, played by fellow on-boards Sadie Sink (American Odyssey) and Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers), respectively.

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Stranger Things has been careful to keep specific details under wraps, and Chase's character description is too vague to make many guesses about what part he'll play in the narrative. But if he is the the father of Max and Billy, it sounds like this family could spell trouble for the already on-edge town of Hawkins. Max is described as a suspicious tomboy with a "complicated" past, while Billy is a "confident" and "edgy" tough guy who steals girlfriends from their boyfriends and has a "violent and unpredictable nature."

It's unclear whether Neil will be an innocuous figure or perhaps the reason for his kids' dark histories. One guess is that he's a military operative sent to Hawkins to oversee the laboratory's out of hand experiments, which would suggest a more villainous role. New monsters have been teased for season 2, so it's not a stretch to think they'd need all hands on deck to keep the mess contained, not to mention someone to keep an eye on Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who, as we saw in the season 1 finale, brought a little of the Upside Down back with him.

For now, Chase's addition is just one more in the long line of secrets Stranger Things is brewing behind the scenes, and fans will just have to hold tight for the eventual reveal.

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Stranger Things season 1 is now available on Netflix, with season 2 slated to arrive in time for Halloween.

Source: TV Line

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