Stranger Things Season 2 is More 'Horror Oriented'

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The second season of Stranger Things is going to be more "horror oriented" than its predecessor. Netflix's show was one of the standout hits of 2016, rightfully gaining nominations and winning a slew of awards for acting, writing, direction and production. The Duffer brothers' homage to '80s movies including E.T. and The Goonies, delivered a hugely enjoyable sci-fi show that kept Netflix audiences gripped.

Unsurprisingly, Stranger Things was picked up for a second season, that will arrive on Netflix in time for Halloween. The young cast all return, including Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, and Noah Schnapp as Will. Schnapp will see an increase in his role this time around, since his character is now back in our world after spending so long in the Upside Down.

Ahead of Stranger Things' return to our screens, the main cast have been interviewed for People Magazine, where they discussed the nature of the second season, and gave some hints as to what we might expect. There's also a new Emmy Magazine cover released, which can be viewed below.

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We're still six months out from Stranger Things returning to Netflix, and of course, the exact plot details of the season are a closely guarded secret, but we do know some things. The show will pick up exactly a year after Will Byers returned from the Upside Down, and of course, an event like that has had a profound effect on everybody. Not only has Will been changed by all he went through, but the rest of the kids have been altered by the arrival of Eleven in their lives, and now everyone needs to reconnect. Matarazzo hints that this will be explored, particularly the emotional scars that season one events have left in their wake:

“The great thing about this season is you get to see insights into each character on their own. You’re going to see a lot more into the lives of how the characters are coping with what’s been going on.

“I think they’re all very emotionally scarred. They feel alone because their best friend [Will] is back and he’s not acting like their best friend anymore. He’s changed.”

Fans will recall that at the very end of season one, Will was vomiting slugs into the sink; a strong hint that a rather dark and sinister part of the Upside Down somehow resides in Will and has returned to civilization with him. Will was trying to keep that a secret, and again, that will take its toll. It also gives way for more monsters to come, and Wolfhard adds that the show will be based on the darker elements of Stranger Things: 

“There are going to be some challenges that the characters face that are real. That are disturbing.

“I think this season will be a lot more dark. A lot more horror oriented. I think people are going to like it more than the first season.”

Certainly fans are eager to see more from the Upside Down, and it will be interesting to see it pervading the kids every day existence. There's also the introduction of new characters, which will alter the dynamic as the existing group try to keep what happened with Will a secret. Then there's Eleven. Where is she, for a start? And does she still have special powers? We'll find out when Netflix unlocks the curiosity door this Fall.

Stranger Things season one is available for streaming on Netflix. Season two will arrive in time for Halloween.

Source: People Magazine/ Emmy Magazine

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