Stranger Things: Biggest Questions After Season 2, Answered

Will Eleven and Max be friends?

Sadie Sink made a great impression as Mad Max, the "totally tubular" teen with a crush on Lucas. However, not everyone was so smitten. Mike didn't take to Max at all at first, and he was outright enraged when Lucas told Max their backstory. His reaction was understandable - any girl coming into the group was bound to remind him of Eleven and open old wounds - but Jane also took an instant dislike to Max. Granted, Max dared to make Mike smile when Eleven was watching them, and she didn't like the thought of him being happy without her, but when Eleven returned and Max offered her hand, Eleven immediately blanked her and went to Joyce instead. Not only that, but when closing the gate, Eleven focused her anger and in that run of flashbacks, Max also featured.

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With Eleven now allowed back into Hawkins society (when Season 3 starts), the relationship between these two hotheaded young girls is sure to cause some fireworks.

What's The Real Deal With Billy and Max?

Billy (Dacre Montgomery) swept into Hawkins and wasted no time establishing his place as a cruel bully who cared for no one. While Montgomery played the part well, the character was fairly one-dimensional for most of the series. We gathered that he hates Lucas, presumably out of ingrained racism, and we also learned that he drives like a maniac and has a penchant for ridiculously tight jeans. It was only towards the end of the season that we really got a decent look at his character's backstory, and it was all too brief.

Arrogantly strutting around getting ready for a date, Billy was unaware that Max had climbed out of her window. When his dad and stepmom discovered this, Billy was set upon by his dad, who is clearly both mentally and physically abusing his child. In the subsequent scene with Max at the Byers' home, it was abundantly clear that Billy is doing to her what's being done to him in an effort to make himself feel better.

Going forward, it'd be great to learn more about Billy and Max; how their relationship got so bad and why exactly they came to Hawkins. There's also the bigger dangling query about his intentions towards Mrs. Wheeler - and hers towards him.

Can Steve and Dustin Stay BFF's Forever?

Whoever first thought to pair Dustin and Steve together is, in no uncertain terms, a genius. Steve has done a complete 180 since Season 1, proving to be a kind, decent human being with a love of hair products. Meanwhile, Dustin is just awesome in all things. They make a brilliant team, and the fact that Steve not only helped Dustin with his hair styling but also gave him a ride to the Snow Ball is conclusive evidence that these two are BFF's and need to stay that way for life. Don't break our hearts, Duffers.

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Stranger Things season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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