Stranger Things: Biggest Questions After Season 2, Answered

Is Will Okay Now?

After two awful years, things are finally looking OK for Will Byers - and we really hope they stay that way. Noah Schnapp didn't really get much to do in Season 1, but the second year was his moment and he owned it, delivering a tremendous, varied performance. That said, Will is just a kid and it would be kind of nice to see him getting the chance to really be a part of the party in Season 3.

Whatever happens, it appears that the connection is broken, and he's no longer playing host to the Mind Flayer; even though the whole experience will stay with him, Will can return to being a regular teenager with his friends. For a little while at least.

Are Dustin and Hopper Infected?

Hopper spent a long time in that eerie network of tunnels under Hawkins until Joyce and Bob saved his life. During that time, he was sprayed in the face with some kind of goo, and after when he was in the lab, we saw him coughing up some kind of gross green substance. Then, during the season finale, Steve, Lucas, Max, Mike and Dustin all took to the tunnels as well, and Dustin was sprayed right in the mouth with the same substance.

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If you ask us, it seems too much time spent on a scene just to throw it away, and we're betting that there will be repercussions for both Dustin and Hopper in Season 3 owing to their contamination.

Will We Ever Fully Understand Hopper's Backstory?

Poor Hopper has had a hard life, we realize that, but what exactly happened? We know he used to live in a city with his wife Diane, and together they had a daughter, Sara. Unfortunately, Sara had cancer and died at a young age, and the effect her death had on her parents meant that their marriage crumbled.

In Season 2, Hopper is a surrogate father caring for Eleven. The two share a turbulent relationship as Eleven tries to live as normal a life as possible, and Hopper tries to protect her. What is clear throughout the season, is how much the two care for each other; Hopper says he's scared of losing Eleven like he lost Sara - that he feels like he's a black hole where everything that he holds dear, ends up destroyed. The very end gives him a chance at redemption, with him officially made Jane's father.

For next season, it would be good if we could have Hopper's backstory explained in a little more detail. Where is Diane now, and will she ever come back? How could his failed marriage affect any future relationships? And, yes, we have our eye on Joyce Byers, of course; now that Hopper is officially a father to Eleven (or will he now call her Jane?), he's going to have to relax slightly and let the kid grow up in a loving and stable environment.

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