Stranger Things Season 2 High-Res Images Spotlight Newcomer Max

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Ahead of the release of Stranger Things season 2 this Friday, high-res images of new and returning characters have been released. In season 1, Stranger Things was mostly wrapped up in the story of missing Will Byers. From there, Eleven and her powers, the Demogorgon, and the Upside Down were all introduced and explored. This season, however, it looks as if a more wide-ranging set of threats and mysteries will be unveiled.

Before Will's troubles take center stage and the "shadow monster" makes itself known, season 2 will start off light enough. The show's four male leads will dress up in their Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween, where they will cross paths with newcomer Max: a character who, along with her brother Billy, may be part of a larger mystery. As this new season unfolds, weird things will start happening in Hawkins again and it looks as though Will, Max, and Eleven (now that she's back from the Upside Down) will all be connected to these events somehow.

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Netflix released the latest images from Stranger Things season 2 and they pull together many of the returning characters. Nancy and Steve look to be on a mission of their own, while Will is still grappling with his time in the Upside Down. For more, check out the photos in the gallery below:

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The images include a very angry looking Eleven; something that the final Stranger Things season 2 poster also teased. We also get a shot of the boys and Max looking inside their homemade ghost trap here. Given that Ghostbuster toys and costume weren't yet a big thing in 1984, the ghost trap is delightfully DIY. Still, the image seems to indicate it may have more power than you might assume.

Given that the kids and teenaged characters on the show were such a driving force in season 1, it makes sense that they would be at the forefront of the mysteries in season 2. With supernatural occurrences on the rise in Hawkins, it wouldn't be too outlandish for the kids to find effective ways to fight what's coming without having to rely on Eleven's powers. There's no telling what form this could take, but word that Stranger Things could last 4 or 5 seasons means these threats aren't ending anytime soon. As such, the residents of Hawkins are going to need some real-life Ghostbusters before too long.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres Friday, October 27 on Netflix.

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