Stranger Things Season 2 Images Spotlight New Cast Members

A new batch of Stranger Things season 2 images has arrived, ahead of the season's premiere this Halloween. In about a month from now, one of Netflix's biggest series will return and try to replicate the success of its beloved first season. Thanks to the marketing so far, we know Hawkins, Indiana will once again confront horrors and supernatural threats in season 2. It's also clear that Will has a big part to play this season, thanks to his prolonged stay in the Upside Down in season 1.

With the show's season 2 premiere right around the corner, EW has upped its coverage of Stranger Things this week. In addition to unveiling new Stranger Things-themed covers, EW has shared more information about the mysterious storyline for the show's sophomore season. Now, thanks to the outlet, we also have a better look at some of the new faces that will be joining the fight to protect Hawkins and its population against threats from the Upside Down this season.

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You can check out the new set of Stranger Things season 2 photos released by EW, below. While nothing major is revealed here, the images do give us our best look yet at Dacre Montgomery's character Billy, along with a sneak peek at the budding relationship between Joyce and new character Bob (Sean Astin).

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Among these images, we see Eleven continuing to investigate her upbringing (now with more hair). It's not clear exactly how she will come back after her apparent sacrifice in season 1, but her sense of independence is obviously growing. We also get two different sides of Joyce and Bob together; one where they're enjoying their new romance and one that indicates something troubling is occurring. Meanwhile, there's an image of Hopper here that shows the officer wearing what look to be scrubs and appearing very disoriented by his surroundings.

It's also clear that Stranger Things season 2 will be dealing with the fallout of last season, when it comes to Will. We can see a shot of him in the hospital on oxygen here, so perhaps his slug regurgitation becomes too intense to hide. It's also telling that the shot of the show's main heroes dressed up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween doesn't include Will. Hopefully, he won't have to sit out as much of season 2 as he did season 1, despite the struggles that he will clearly be going through.

Finally, we see Montgomery channeling The Lost Boys in the role of Billy. Not much is known about the character or his younger sister Max, but fans have theorized that they are connected to Eleven and her backstory, somehow. We also now know that Stranger Things season 2 will begin in a different town than Hawkins, so it's possible that Billy and his sister will start out living somewhere else, before moving to Hawkins.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres Friday, October 27 on Netflix.

Source: EW

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