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Stranger Things season 2 will arrive just in time for Halloween, and the main characters already have their costumes picked out in a new image. While Stranger Things was a huge hit when it dropped last year, it's hard to argue that the time frame in which season 2 will release isn't perfect for the series. But more than just a clever marketing move, Halloween will prove to be the exact setting of the new season's narrative.

The very first image we saw of Stranger Things season 2 featured Will, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin dressed up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween. Shots from that night have continued to pop up since then, indicating this may be where the story kicks off. The recent mobile game for the show even came with a clip from season 2 of Stranger Things with the kids trick-or-treating, before they meet new character Max. It's not clear what length of time the new season will encompass, but the Halloween setting will be pretty perfect both in the show and the real world. Now, with the new season just a week away, we have yet another shot of the four boys in their costumes.

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Games Radar has a brand-new image from season 2 of Stranger Things courtesy of their sister magazine SFX. The shot depicts the boys showing off their Ghostbuster costumes with the fall leaves all around them. Along with the photo, the actors also adorn the cover of the magazine's latest issue, which is sure to be packed with more info on the show. Check them both out below:

The bulk of season 2 of Stranger Things will be focused on the new threats in Hawkins and resolving the remaining mysteries from season 1. But between all the tension and horror, what made season 1 work was the camaraderie between the young kids. Like IT, it was the teens teaming up to confront their personal issues and the monster attacking their town that helped move the narrative beyond a simple horror story.

The continued focus on the kids' night trick-or-treating helps to remind us that, despite what they've been through, these are still four young friends. And given that Will sat out much of season 1, it will be nice to see more of him interacting with everybody. Before the real terror kicks in, there will be plenty of time for cracking jokes, making pop culture references, and enjoying the holiday.

We know that the happiness won't last long, though. Earlier today, a new promo for season 2 of Stranger Things teased more of the rotting pumpkin mystery. Just as the trappings of Halloween will set the stage for the lighter elements of the series, so too will they point towards something more sinister on the horizon.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres October 27 on Netflix.

Source: Games Radar

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