Stranger Things: Hopper Struggles With His 'Hero Fantasy' in Season 2

David Harbour in Stranger Things

Actor David Harbour has revealed that Hopper's life won't be getting any easier, when Stranger Things season 2 premieres this year. Stranger Things season 1 was a breakout hit for Netflix in 2016, with its cast, story and heavy dose of nostalgia all combining to make Stranger Things a compelling series for the many people that binge-watched it (while reminiscing about their childhoods). Season 2 is set to arrive on the streaming service this Fall and as such, it's one of this year's most anticipated Netflix shows.

Stranger Things season 2 has many questions to answer, following Will Byers' return from the Upside Down in the season 1 finale. Firstly, why is he vomiting slugs, and how is he coping in the aftermath of such a traumatic experience? But also, how did the events of season 1 affect the other characters. Sheriff Jim Hopper was one of the heroes of season 1; he took the story presented by the show's young heroes at face value and helped Will's mom, Joyce reunite with her son. However, the whole incident has changed him, too,

During a Q&A on Mogul, actor David Harbour revealed that Jim is struggling with his 'hero fantasy':

"Hop starts season 2 in a completely different place than season 1. He saved Will and has found a renewed interest in life. So his arc for season 2 in my mind becomes more about butting up against the places where his hero fantasy can’t take him. The places where that hero complex may force him to make the wrong decisions. It's a satisfying, completely different journey in season 2."

Many will be pleased to learn he's found a renewed interest in life; since the loss of his daughter and the breakdown of his marriage, Hopper at the start of season 1 was a shadow of a man, and we watched as he gradually found a purpose again. However, those hoping he might have found romance with Joyce will be disappointed since Joyce Byers is now dating an old school friend, Bob (to be played by Goonies star Sean Astin).

Harbour also says that he's seen the first episode of season 2 and he praises its complexity. His comments are in keeping with that of Netflix Chief, Ted Sarandos, who also praised the first episode of Stranger Things season 2 , saying that it delivers everything fans will want. Primarily, that's more of the core group of kids on the show, as well as a sense of development from all of the characters; since the show picks up a year after the events of season 1. Harbour assures us we'll get all of that and more:

"I’ve seen a lot of episode 1 and have seen a lot of the shooting at the monitor, and I can honestly say that I am so excited for you all to see this season. It's so fun and dark and complex. The characters all get to deepen and develop and we get to take on even greater demons (inner and outer). Thanks for loving Hop, I love him too.”

Everyone loves Hop, and it's fair to say we're all excited to see him back on our screens. We've been promised more monsters in Stranger Things season 2, but the prospect of there also being internal monsters for everyone to deal with, not just Eleven or Will, is intriguing.

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Stranger Things season 2 airs on Netflix this Fall.

Source: Mogul

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