Stranger Things Season 2: Matthew Modine Teases Dr. Brenner's Return

Stranger Things: Duffer Brothers Discuss Barb & Brenner's Fates

The end of Stranger Things season one left us with more questions than we started with, which was most likely the exact intention of showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer. With season two set to arrive this fall, some of those questions are being answered already, while others are being teased, ensuring we will all be eagerly awaiting Stranger Things season two's arrival on Netflix.

In terms of questions that have already been answered; we know that Barb (Shannon Purser) won't be back, but we have been promised some form of recognition for all her character went through (poor Barb). We also know that season two picks up a year after season one, when Sheriff Hopper is trying to quash rumors and speculation in the small town of Hawkins over what exactly happened to Will Byers. While we know the main cast will all be returning, and new cast members will be arriving, it's not known for sure whether supporting characters from season one will be back; in particular, Matthew Modine, who played the disturbing Doctor Brenner.

At the end of season one, Brenner was basically swallowed by the Demogorgan, and the scene then quickly cut away. At the start of season two, a new character, Dr. Owens (played by Paul Reiser), is in charge of the lab, with claims that everything is A-okay up there again. That said, the lab still holds an open portal to the Upside Down, so, you know... A-okay is debatable. All things point, then, to no return for Brenner, but comments from the Duffer brothers, coupled with an intriguing Instagram post from Modine, seem to tell a different story:

#strangerthings season two #upsidedown @milliebobbybrown ...more to be revealed, uncovered.

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Modine's comment; "More to be revealed, uncovered," certainly seems to be strongly hinting that Brenner will return, and Matt Duffer has previously said that yes, there's a possibility of the evil Doctor returning. In what capacity isn't known; whether it'll be a one episode appearance or whether he could be involved in the whole season, but the impact Brenner's reappearance will have on Eleven is what we'll all really be watching out for.

At the start of season two, Eleven is still missing, but Hopper has been leaving Eggos in the woods and chances are he's not doing it for fun. When Eleven does return, what mental state will she be in, and will she be able to cope with the reappearance of the man she called papa? Season two is said to explore more of Eleven's backstory, including the program that created her, so we might well find out more about the ties that bind these two enigmatic characters to each other.

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Stranger Things season 2 will arrive on Netflix in time for Halloween, 2017.

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