Stranger Things Season 2 Plot Details Will Be Kept Entirely Secret

Stranger Things

Shawn Levy wears a lot of hats in Hollywood, producing high-profile prestige blockbusters like Arrival and directing popular family comedies like Cheaper By The Dozen and Night At The Museum. But he's also recently gained Netflix clout as producer of the smash-hit supernatural mystery series Stranger Things, the second season of which is currently in top-secret development.

Recently, Netflix announced season 2 was beginning production soon with a photo of the cast during a table read. But if fans are looking to get news about the second season out of Levy, they may want to think again.

As part of an interview with Screen Rant, Levy was asked if he could offer fans any updates on the status of season 2 -  but all he'd say is that he doesn't want to say anything for fear of spoiling things for fans:

"I’m going to be very judicious when it comes to talking about Stranger Things, because I live in the land of spoiler paranoia these days. We’ve been sitting on some additional actors, which got announced this morning [November 7th], two of whom are very well known, one of whom is not. All I’m going to tell you about season 2… Look, as much as people are dying to know what happened, I think the reason Stranger Things has become the phenomenon it has is because no one knew what was coming. No one knew, frankly… Much like The Force Awakens, I think there’s this delicious torture in not knowing."

Will and friends in Stranger Things

However, he was willing to share that he believes season 2 is coming together well, and that fans who loved the surprises of season 1 will eventually be glad he didn't let too much slip for this new season, either:

"So what I will say is, having heard the first half of the season at our table read at the end of last week, that I’m very excited even as I’m trying to tune out a lot of the news of the culture and just focus on our instincts, our actors, or producorial and directorial instincts that brought us to this table. We want to follow the same guidelines we were following last year when we made this show that no one knew about and no one cared about. But I will say we have some very interesting ideas cooking for season 2."

So, while it appears Levy and those close to the production of Stranger Things will be keeping things close to the vest, we know season 2 is set to premiere next year. As such, it won't be too long before we learn more.

Stranger Things season 1 is currently available on Netflix. Season 2 is currently in production and is expected to arrive in 2017.

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