Stranger Things: David Harbour Teases 'Thrilling' Season 2

Netflix scored a massive hit with their original series Stranger Things, which is just coming off major victories at the Producers Guild and Screen Actors Guild awards. After the first season was such a success, many are excited to see the program continue later this year when the next batch of episodes hit the streaming service. Some big names have been added to the already impressive ensemble, and there are still plenty of mysteries (such as Eleven's return) left to be solved. So far, the only detail to be confirmed is that the fan-favorite Barb is truly dead and won't be coming back.

That's by design, as the producers are very conscious of keeping any spoilers under lock and key so the preserve all the surprises. Still, actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, has discussed Stranger Things in previous interviews, offering vague nuggets of information without sharing too much. Harbour is at it again, teasing viewers that they will be in for a treat when the second season finally airs.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, the actor mentioned how excited he was when he first saw the script, specifically praising the very opening of the first episode:

“I got the first script of season two, and the first five minutes I was on my feet going, ‘Yes! Yes!’ Because they open up the world in such a new way. And these characters that I feel like are so iconic, and that we love so deeply, get to really go on different arcs and different journeys and explore these little things that we touched on in their personalities and psychologies. And we get to really expand on that. . . I really do think it’s going to be thrilling. And you can tweet at me that I’m an idiot if it’s not.”

These comments echo similar sentiments made about Stranger Things season two, most notably producer Shawn Levy's claim that it will deliver "next-level" entertainment. One of the many reasons the series connected with audiences last summer was because the characters were so strong and likable, and it's nice the creative team hasn't lost sight of that. Expanding upon what was shown in the first season certainly sounds like the right way to go as their journeys continue. Everyone will be changed by what happened earlier, and further exploring their psychologies should make for compelling drama. There are obviously a lot of expectations for the second season, and the people involved are aware of that.

Hopefully it will be fun to watch Stranger Thing's continued evolution as it becomes a staple of Netflix's lineup. There are already plans in place for a third season, so the Duffer brothers have big things in store for the show. Perhaps even the now-resurgent M. Night Shyamalan could lend his talents to the program one day. Time will tell, but it's certainly exciting to be a fan of the show.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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Stranger Things: David Harbour Teases 'Thrilling' Season 2