Stranger Things Season 2 Clip: The Mystery of the Rotted Pumpkins

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— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) October 20, 2017

A brand-new promo for Stranger Things season 2 further explores the rotting pumpkin mystery and hints it may be connected to Will. There are still a number of mysteries left after Stranger Things season 1, and fans are eager to see how they will be illuminated in season 2. The Upside Down and Eleven's powers are still big question marks in the world of the show, and things only look to be getting weirder in the coming season. Eleven will be returning and bring new threats to Hawkins with her - as will Will, whose connection to the Upside Down looks to me a major factor in season 2.

Barb may not have made it out of Stranger Things season 1 alive, but both Eleven and Will have lived to tell the tale of the Upside Down. Thanks to Eleven's abilities, she seems to be able to navigate the world unharmed. The end of season 1, however, proved that Will won't be so lucky. The final trailer for Stranger Things season 2 focuses on lot on Will's troubles and a mysterious group that's investigating him. Could he also be tied to the troubles Hawkins is experiencing in the upcoming season?

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The Stranger Things Twitter posted a new promo for the season 2 and it further explores the rotting pumpkin mystery that was previously teased in both a poster for this season and the Stranger Things season 2 SDCC trailer - showing Sheriff Hopper in a field full of grotesque gourds, just in time for Halloween.

In between an arcade commercial and a science special on the nature of fear, the news report about the rotting pumpkins is likely the first hint the residents of Hawkins will receive that something is going wrong in their town again in Stranger Things season 2. Of course, the giant shadow monster we keep seeing in posters and trailers will soon follow the relatively harmless dead fruit.

During the fear special, clips of Will are also inter-spliced. Arguably, the biggest plot thread of this new season will be exploring what exactly happened to Will in the Upside Down and what the side effects of that prolonged exposure are. There's already been hints that he's connected to the shadow monster now, but could he instead be responsible for some larger plague-like incident that's sweeping Hawkins?

The new season of Stranger Things will add in new monsters, new characters, and plenty of new questions. Seeing as the show may yet go on for another two to three seasons after season 2, we may not be getting any concrete answers anytime soon, either.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres Friday, October 27 on Netflix.

Source: Stranger Things Twitter

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