First Stranger Things Season 2 Clip: Max is a Big Halloween Fan

Strangers Things season 2 - Main cast as Ghostbusters for Halloween

EXCLUSIVE: new season two clip from the Stranger Things Game.

— stranger things (@bestofsthings) October 4, 2017

The first clip from Stranger Things season 2 shows the Stranger Things boys getting spooked on Halloween night. Although the follow-up to the first season of Stranger Things will arrive more than a year after the fact, it will fittingly launch during the Halloween season. The holiday will indeed factor into the storyline for Stranger Thing season 2 directly.

Case in point, marketing for Stranger Things season 2 has included multiple references to Halloween so far. That includes a poster showing Hopper investigating a field full of mangled pumpkins, as well as multiple throwback posters that have paid homage to horror classics like Evil Dead and Jaws. Those tribute posters, of course, also traffic in the show's standard '80s nostalgia. That tactic came to a head yesterday with the release of a new 8-bit-inspired mobile game for Stranger Things. Those intrepid enough to beat the game were even given a special reward.

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One Twitter user did just that and discovered that, upon completion of the game, the first clip from Stranger Things season 2 is revealed. You can check out the clip, above.

Strangers Things season 2 - Main cast as Ghostbusters for Halloween

The first image released from Stranger Things season 2 showed the main characters in Ghostbuster costumes as they went Trick-or-treating. Here, we see that the event starts off enjoyable enough until they encounter new character Max. Played by Sadie Sink, Max is the mischievous little sister of Dacre Montgomery's Billy. Not much is known about how these two will factor into the plot of season 2, but theories have them pegged as being connected to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) somehow.

Additional photos released for Stranger Things season 2 have provided a better look at Billy in particular, and it looks like he'll be channeling The Lost Boys and doing plenty of brooding on the TV series. Max, meanwhile, seems to be much more of an aggressive troublemaker, which should add a nice dynamic to the show's young cast.

Considering the merriment involved in this first clip, it seems safe to assume that this scene takes place in the first episode of Stranger Things season 2. From there, the main characters will have a lot more to worry about than a mini-Michael Meyers - a Lovecraftian shadow monster hell-bent on wreaking havoc in Hawkins, to be exact. Still, it's good to know all the darkness will be accented with some light, from movie references to candy discussions.

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Stranger Things season 2 arrives Friday, October 27th on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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