Stranger Things Season 2 Casts Power Rangers & American Odyssey Actors

Power Rangers - Dacre Montgomery as Jason

By this point, it seems like everyone has heard of Stranger Things. The Netflix original series has rapidly escalated into a phenomenon so huge that even those who’ve never seen it are typically well aware of it. There’s just something about The Duffer Brothers' series that has the power to instantly capture people’s attention and reroute entire conversations to talk of the Upside-Down.

With a fanbase as eager and devoted as Stranger Things has, the most problematic thing about the hit series so far has been having to wait until season two arrives at some point in the New Year. For the most part, fans are taking this in stride, but every new bit of information that does get doled out is instantly pounced upon and scrutinized for any sign of clues or insight into what awaits. So far there hasn’t been much to go on, but that’s starting to change with each passing day.

The latest news comes to us courtesy of EW and provides some insight into two new casting decisions for the next season of Stranger Things. Dacre Montgomery - who will also star as Jason Lee Scott, aka The Red Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers movie – will play Billy, older brother to Max, played by Sadie Sink (American Odyssey). The official statement on these characters is that Max is:

“…a tough and confident girl whose appearance, behavior and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era. She has a complicated history and is generally suspicious of those around her.”

Her brother Billy, meanwhile comes off as a:

“…hyper-confident, and edgy older step-brother. He steals girlfriends away from their boyfriends, is great at drinking games, and drives a black Camaro. But lurking under his apparent charisma, is a violent and unpredictable nature.”

In addition to these two brand new characters, there has also been confirmation that both Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) will take on full-time roles in the second series rather than the limited recurring status they supplied in season one.

Stranger Things season 2 casts Sadie Sink
Sadie Sink is playing Max in Stranger Things season 2

Within these casting decisions comes much to mull over and consider. For starters, will Billy and Max simply be new arrivals to Hawkins, or will they have a past linked to the mysterious town? Max’s history is listed as “complicated” just as Billy has a “violent and unpredictable nature”. Is it possible that they could be the children of a new military operative sent to Hawkins to oversee the troubled laboratory experimentations? Or have Max and Billy also spent time in the Upside-Down, as numbered subjects much like Eleven? This early on it’s clearly difficult to say.

Seeing as how Noah Schnapp has secured a regular cast member role as Will, there’s a good chance that he won’t be disappearing once again into the Upside-Down as he did for the majority of the first season. Then again, this is Stranger Things and when it comes to what can and can’t happen in the series, all bets have consistently been proven to be off.

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Stranger Things season 1 is now available on Netflix, with season 2 expected to arrive in 2017.

Source: EW

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