Stranger Things Season 2 Cast Share the Spotlight in New Portraits

A new batch of portrait photos show the cast of Stranger Things season 2 in an eerie light. After winning over critics and fans alike last year, the Duffer Brothers will try to strike gold once again next month with the follow-up to the first season of Stranger Things. With the premiere imminent, we've been learning a lot more about what to expect this year. Looming over the whole season will be a new monster inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the characters will be facing plenty of personal issues as well.

Thanks to the big cover story EW is doing on the show, the past few days have been full of new information on Stranger Things season 2 along with new looks at the upcoming episodes. Yesterday, we received a new batch of images teasing the relationships, characters, and dangers that will debut this year. Now, we have a more intimate look at the people who will be bringing the characters to life.

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EW has now unveiled a series of portraits featuring the cast of Stranger Things season 2. While a few of them offer lighter looks at the show's young cast, there's plenty of mood and a bit of menace to be found in their portraits on the whole. Check them out in the galley below:

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While these portraits don't reveal anything particular about Stranger Things season 2, they do offer some hints about themes of the new season. For example, new character Bob (Sean Astin) and most of the kids are presented in a more laid-back fashion here. Meanwhile, Eleven, Joy, and Hopper are all presented in darker and more mysterious ways. The image of Eleven in the water even brings to mind classic stories like IT.

Assuming these portraits are foreshadowing what to expect in season 2, it seems that most of the show's kid characters will bring a lighter touch to the series, while the dark and dramatic elements will be carried by the adults like Joy and Hopper (though of course, Eleven and Will both have a rocky road ahead of them). With any luck, the new season of Stranger Things will be just as well-done as the show's debut season was and leave fans eager for the show to live on for as many as five seasons total.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres October 27 on Netflix.

Source: EW

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