Stranger Things Season 2 Casts Brett Gelman as a Conspiracy Theorist

Stranger Things - Brett Gelman

Now that the tremendous initial buzz caused by the arrival of the first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things has settled somewhat, fans have begun the countdown for the second season. Having only recently entered into production, season 2 of Stranger Things has a lot of territory to cover. So many questions remain unanswered and fans are certainly going to have high expectations for the future of the series, as it now ranks as one of Netflix’s most popular programs.

So far it’s been clearly established that the Duffer Brothers intend to keep the plot of season 2 entirely under wraps. Although the majority of Stranger Things fans aren’t looking to have the season spoiled, a little bit of teasing now and then is always fun – especially if that teasing only makes our understanding of the plot all the more mysterious. As a result of the low-key stance on plot details, fans that want more insight into the new series will have to rely on casting decisions.

Sean Astin, Linnea Berthelsen and Paul Reiser will be among the new additions to the show in Stranger Things season 2. Variety is reporting that they will be joined by Brett Gelman, whose work includes comedic roles on a host of different networks - and who is perhaps most recognizable for his recent roles on Amazon’s hit series Fleabag and HBO’s stoner comedy High Maintenance.

Stranger Things - Brett Gelman

All that is known about Gelman’s role in season 2 of Stranger Things is that he’ll play a once disgraced journalist who has arrived in Hawkins as a conspiracy theorist in pursuit of a story. Of course, all that Hawkins needs in order to really stir things up at this point is a hack journalist in search of conspiracies. The addition of Gelman should prove an interesting shift for the series, as previous word on the hidden peculiarities involving the Upside Down have not been reported by any form of media whatsoever. It’s doubtful that the inhabitants of Hawkins will take anything Gelman discovers seriously; which makes the prospect of his character all the more interesting. There’s a lot of potential for a character like Gelman’s in a series as intricate and fantastical as Stranger Things’.

Fans of Fleabag will have already seen Gelman’s excellent portrayal of Martin, a character who regularly displays questionable ethics and a very smarmy demeanor. If Gelman’s Stranger Things character ends up being even half as entertaining as this, the series will indeed have found a character that will stop at nothing to get a story or take things in a direction that will have repercussions for all. It’s hard to imagine that the Duffer Brothers have taken the time to create a conspiracy theorist/journalist character if he isn’t going to dig up trouble regarding the events taking currently taking place in Hawkins.

Stranger Things season 2 will arrive on Netflix in 2017.

Source: Variety

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