When To Start Your Stranger Things Rewatch Ahead Of Season 3

Dustin in Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix is getting ready to release the highly anticipated third season of Stranger Things, which means it's almost time for a series rewatch. Stranger Things season 3 focuses on a new danger plaguing the residents of Hawkins in the summer of 1985.

There wasn't much fanfare leading up to the sci-fi horror series' debut in the summer of 2016, but it quickly rose in popularity. The buzz surrounding Stranger Things has since made it a pop culture phenomenon, with the story about a mysterious girl with psychokinetic powers, her scrappy group of friends, and their allies winning over viewers of all ages. As the town of Hawkins now embarks on a new chapter, audiences might look to refresh their memories leading up to Stranger Things season 3.

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With less than a month until Stranger Things season 3 releases, time is running out to start a rewatch. There are eight episodes in season 1 and nine in season 2, meaning 17 episodes total (each running just under an hour). It would be possible to binge-watch the entire show over a weekend (albeit with little time for other activities), but that's not always an option for everyone. For those looking for something a little intense, you can rewatch Strange Things seasons 1 & 2 one episode a day leading directly up to season 3's July 4 release date as long as you start by June 17.

For fans who want to go the extra mile, there's also the series aftershow, Beyond Stranger Things, that serves as a companion to season 2. The seven episodes were intended to be viewed after watching season 2 in its entirety. The aftershow features cast and crew discussing various plotlines, series mythology, and behind-the-scenes production details. Rather than extending your rewatch schedule, we recommend pairing the aftershow episodes with corresponding season 2 episodes. Based on the aftershow episode titles, it's easy to figure out which episodes they discuss.

Rewatching Stranger Things will be useful for those who've forgotten specific details about the previous seasons, both in terms of the mythology of the Upside Down and the relationships of the characters; season 3 will see the show's younger characters enter their teenage years just as the Mind Flayer returns and a new, unfamiliar creature is introduced. Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, Max, and Dustin might be drifting apart as a group now that they're getting older, but that new threat will undoubtedly bring them back together. The summer months might mean fun and sun for most Hawkins residents, but the crew knows better not to let their guards down.

All of this, plus the fact that the new season will undoubtedly provide new clues to the overarching mysteries, makes a full Stranger Things rewatch before season 3 incredibly important. Just don't leave it too late.

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