Stranger Things: 5 Reasons Why Nancy Should Be With Jonathan (And 5 Reasons She Should Have Stayed With Steve)

Netflix's Stranger Things is not a show that focuses on things like love triangles or high school romances. At least, they don't focus on it much. But they still exist and the biggest love triangle has to be between Nancy Wheeler and the two men in her life: Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers.

While the two didn't start off on the best of terms, they ended up handling the situation with as much grace as possible, and even developed a mutual respect for each other.

That is why they both have solid reasons that showcase why Nancy should be with them. Let's weigh in on who is the better fit for her with the reasons why Nancy should be with Jonathan

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10 Be With Jonathan: He Always Cared About Her

Since the first moment we saw Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers on-screen together, it was evident there were feelings there, particularly on Jonathan's side. Even when he was worried about his missing brother and she was off in her new relationship with Steve Harrington, he still obviously cared for her.

Though his feelings were not fully realized until season 2, there were always the lingering glances and moments between the two that showed that Jonathan cared deeply for Nancy. He even let go of his beef with Steve by the end of season 1 once Steve made amends, likely because he wanted Nancy to be happy.

9 Stayed With Steve: He Was Nancy’s First Love

We can all probably agree that season 1 Steve Harrington was not the best. He was arrogant and selfish and definitely came across like the stereotypical popular jerk we all knew in high school. But regardless of that, Nancy still had feelings for him.

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Their relationship ended up growing into something deeper that made them each other's first love. Of course, over that time period, Steve also changed for the better - more on that later - but the truth of the matter is you never forget your first. Being that Steve was Nancy's first love, it stands to reason that it's hard for anyone else to measure up after that.

8 Be With Jonathan: They’re Connected By Their Little Brothers

One of the greatest things is when the person you're dating already gets along with your family. So it's rather perfect that Jonathan and Nancy already have connections to each other through their little brothers.

Mike Wheeler and Will Byers are best friends and also the younger siblings to the aforementioned couple. Time and time again, they have inadvertently brought Nancy and Jonathan closer together.

With all of the high-pressured situations they find themselves in, it's nice that they not only have each other but their younger brothers to keep them all connected when it matters the most.

7 Stayed With Steve: They Balance Each Other Out

Obviously, when we first met Nancy Wheeler, she seemed like the pretty, shy girl that maybe didn't typically fit into the popular crowd. Enter Steve Harrington.

The popular jock with great hair took notice of her and immediately brought her into the fold. You could say that opposites attracted in this case, which actually makes them rather perfect for one another.

Because they are, at times, so different from each other, they also balance one another out. They have a tendency to provide the other with what they need and at crucial moments, too. They manage to bring out the best in each other while still supporting each other in who they truly are.

6 Be With Jonathan: She Has A Nerdy Side, Too

Sure, Nancy became one of the popular kids by the end of season 1 when she fully embraced her relationship with Steve. But before that, the younger boys in her brother's group would make remarks that seemed like she had a nerdy past.

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Apparently, she would dress up and be a part of their D&D sessions prior to her transformation to "cool girl". She may have pushed a lot of that to the wayside when she became popular, but once she started dating the social-outcast, Jonathan, and cared more about her future than what people think, we saw a whole new Nancy. But maybe that's who she was all along and Jonathan merely brought it out.

5 Stayed With Steve: He Is Good With Kids

Upon first meeting Steve Harrington, it's likely you would have never guessed that he would be so great with kids. But by the end of season 2, he was practically a babysitter or second mom, if you prefer, to the younger kids on Stranger Things.

Once he befriended Dustin and helped him with the Dema-dogs, he soon became acquainted with the entire group of pre-teens. He even stood up to bad boy Billy in defense of them, but sadly, he lost that fight.

Still, he has continued his caring friendship with the kids and his mentorship with Dustin. How swoon-worthy is that?

4 Be With Jonathan: They Have Great Chemistry

This may be in part due to the fact that Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, and Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan, are an actual real-life couple but their chemistry has been there since day 1.

Whenever the two star-crossed lovers are in a scene together, their chemistry lights up the screen and instantly has you rooting for those two crazy kids to finally make it.

It took them longer than we even expected to finally share their first kiss but once they did, there was no doubt that there was a deep connection brewing between the two. It's hard to fake that, and luckily, these two don't have to.

3 Stayed With Steve: He Is Selfless

Steve may try his best to act like he has a hard exterior and is a tough guy. But in actuality, he's a big softy who is truly selfless. Think about it: he left his friends behind when he realized what terrible people they were. He also helped a bunch of young kids he barely knew and put his life on the line for them.

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He even respected Nancy's wishes and let her go when he was still desperately in love with her and would have given it a second chance. Guys his age rarely show qualities like that and it's something that should be celebrated.

2 Be With Jonathan: She Chose Him Over Steve

No matter if you're Team Jonathan or Team Steve, the fact is that Nancy, in the end, chose Jonathan over Steve. While some may feel she made a mistake in doing that and that she would have been better off with Steve, others were ecstatic she was finally giving in to her growing feelings for Jonathan.

Regardless of what side of the coin you are on, Nancy must have chosen Jonathan for a reason. And that reason is she couldn't ignore that she was in love with Jonathan, and had fallen out of love with Steve.

At least she is still on good terms with her ex, it seems.

1 Stayed With Steve: He Became A Better Man Because Of Her

It's a rare thing when any person changes for another human being. Hell, it's rare for anyone to change, period. But Steve was ahead of his time and definitely more mature than the average guy because he changed for his love, Nancy Wheeler.

She made him see that he could be a better man and that there was more to life than being the most popular guy in school. Once he realized that, we saw him progressively make changes to who he was and honestly, we couldn't be happier with who he turned out to be. If that isn't reason enough to stay with him, we don't know what is.

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