Stranger Things Poster Pays Homage to Nightmare on Elm Street

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A new poster for Stranger Things pays homage to A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's no mystery why either, as in addition to being a great horror/sci-fi series all its own, the Netflix hit drama also serves as one big love letter to the pop culture of the 1980s. The most obvious comparisons are to Poltergeist and Stephen King's IT, but Stranger Things also draws heavily from fellow King story Firestarter, and beloved kid-centered adventure tales like E.T. and The Goonies.

Stranger Things' musical score also invokes '80s cinema, with its synthesizer-heavy tracks evoking the work of legendary director and composer John Carpenter. Beyond the score, the Stranger Things soundtrack features plenty of '80s pop hits sure to provoke nostalgia from those who lived through the decade, some of which include Toto's Africa, The Bangles' Hazy Shade of Winter, Cory Hart's Sunglasses at Night, and most prominently, Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash. The Stranger Things season 2 trailer is even set to a particularly famous (and fitting) Michael Jackson song from the decade.

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In line with this clear love for the '80s is a new poster recently shared by the official Stranger Things Twitter account, that pays homage to the iconic original poster for Wes Craven's 1984 supernatural horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. The tribute poster takes full advantage of the fact that the two works share a character named Nancy, and the result looks pretty awesome. Check it out below:

A Nightmare in Hawkins. Join us all day for #StrangerThursdays as we relive Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street.

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) August 10, 2017

While Elm Street's resident slasher Freddy Krueger is obviously far more verbose than the Demogorgon that menaced Hawkins during Stranger Things season 1, the two monsters definitely do share some similarities. Both Freddy and the Demogorgon primarily target children and teenagers. Both also usually attack outside of conventional reality; Freddy in the dream world and the Demogorgon in the alternate dark dimension that Eleven's powers inadvertently opened a portal to.

With Stranger Things season 2 now less than three months away, only time will tell how many more seminal '80s works will be referenced and paid tribute to in the new batch of episodes. Since Paul Reiser is joining the cast, one assumes that an Aliens reference would be an obvious choice to make. One thing seems for sure though: whatever happens, it'll definitely be a Thriller.

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Stranger Things season 2 debuts October 27 on Netflix.

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