Stranger Things Star Accidentally Reveals Season 3 Spoiler

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp (a.k.a. Will Byers) accidentally revealed a minor spoiler for season 3. Taking questions from fans, he revealed the ultimate fate of Will's dog, Chester, who's been absent since the first season. The Byers family pet had an important role in Stranger Things season 1. Named "Chester" in the Duffers' pilot script, the dog appeared in the very first episode, attempting to protect its young master from the threat of the monstrous Demogorgon.

Chester somehow survived that encounter - the Demogorgon was no doubt far more interested in pursuing human prey - and was a background presence through the rest of the series. The dog actually seemed vaguely aware of the Upside Down, and is drawn to Will's fort, seemingly sensing that he's present there - albeit not in a way that can be seen. But Chester was mysteriously absent in season 2, and none of the characters even mentioned him.

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Taking fan questions in a recent interview, Noah Schnapp accidentally let slip a minor spoiler, and explained what happened to Chester. "I think he died," Schnapp confirmed. "Like, in this season, there's a grave for him that you see." It was only after he'd said it that Schnapp realized he'd just dropped a spoiler, and desperately attempted to hush the crowd. Needless to say, these efforts were unsuccessful, and the video swiftly found its way to YouTube.

It always seemed likely that Chester had died between the first two seasons; season 2 is set a year after the first season, and that's plenty of time for the family pet to pass away and the Byers household to recover from their grief. The absence had still led to debate online, and the stars had actually been asked about this directly. Hilariously, David Harbour took to Twitter in November of last year to answer questions about Chester's disappearance. "The dog was let go after the first season," he explained. "Emotional problems. Wouldn’t come out of his trailer, threw coffee at assistants. Was too much." Harbour gave a more serious response to Uproxx, "There was a day with this dog that was the worst actor I've ever worked with in my life," he revealed. According to Harbour, the dog was a nightmare to work with, and just wouldn't bark on cue. Harbour wound up storming off set, heading to his trailer for a break when the dog's failure to perform just became too much.

It's actually remotely possible that fans will get to see Chester's passing. Netflix is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to launch a range of comic book miniseries set within the Stranger Things universe, and the first will reveal Will's experience in the Upside Down. The idea seems to be lifted from the Star Wars universe, and it's possible the final issue of that miniseries will show a little of what happens to Will between the two seasons. That may well include Chester's fate. As spoilers go, this is clearly a minor one, but it's an interesting indication of just how much attention the Duffer brothers pay to their fans. In this case, they've clearly added a subtle detail that will resolve this fan question once and for all - and, thanks to Noah Schnapp, it's now been revealed in advance.

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Stranger Things season 3 is expected to premiere in 2019 on Netflix.

Source: Young Celebrity World/YouTube

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