Stranger Things: How To Make French Onion Barb & Demogorgon Pies For Halloween

It didn't take long for Stranger Things to become TV's newest cultural phenomenon. The show has only been on Netflix since July 15, yet it's already become one of the most addictive series on television and its second season was ordered even before it premiered. With Halloween around the corner, it's certainly the kind of show to spawn a wide range of creepy imitations.

Halloween is a great time of year to make creative edible treats out of the macabre, but not everyone wants to do the same old eyeballs and severed-finger cookies. Two new Netflix-produced videos showcase two incredibly well-presented (and delicious-looking) dishes inspired by Stranger Things, either of which would thoroughly impress fans of the show at your Halloween party.

The YouTube video for "French Onion Barb," Netflix Kitchen's take on french onion soup, takes a cue from one of the first season's most horrific images: Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) recoiling in fear at the sight of Barb's (Shannon Purser) lifeless body in the Upside-Down. The chef molds some dough to recreate Barb's face and the result is quite disturbing. The video's description reads, "Poor Barb... but she tastes so good." It's clear that Netflix has taken notice of fans' desire for justice for Barb, whose grisly death went curiously unnoticed in the world of the show.

A second YouTube video shows how to make a "Demogorgon Pie," a unique mix of pumpkin, cherry, and blueberry pie with almond slices making up the monster's jaws and scales. The chef meticulously places slivers of almond on top of the pie and the five "petals" to complete the design. Both videos list the full recipes in their descriptions and are credited to Ashley Holt, a chef who has been featured on Cake Boss and won season three of TLC's Next Great Baker.

Those with the necessary culinary skills would certainly have a chance to replicate these intricate dishes. The design is what really puts them over-the-top and they are, of course, timely with the popularity of Stranger Things still incredibly high.

The compelling characters are a big part of what made Stranger Things such a hit in the first place and Barb has quickly become a fan favorite, so the "French Onion Barb" dish can be a little disturbing. But if you're a fan of the show, cooking, and Halloween in general, giving either of these dishes a try could give your Halloween party an extra kick it otherwise might not have had.

Stranger Things season one is now available on Netflix. Season two is currently in production and is expected to arrive in 2017.

Source: YouTube

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