Stranger Things Character Video Examines the Mysterious Eleven

Since arriving earlier this month, the first look at the upcoming Netflix original series Stranger Things has cast a rather quiet but intriguing spell. With its creepy, mysterious throwback style reminiscent of early Steven Spielberg films like E.T., Close Encounters of The Third Kind or even the Spielberg-produced hit The Goonies, Stranger Things manages to look both familiar and new to viewers.

Set in the 1980s in a small American town, Stranger Things follows the aftermath resulting from the bizarre disappearance of local boy Will (Noah Schnapp), as well as the discovery of a strange, unknown young girl who only goes by the name Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). The first trailer for the series answered very few of the questions it created, but was visually engaging and seemed to promise a thoroughly spectacular adventure nonetheless.

Though the series doesn’t launch on Netflix until next month, a new featurette has just been released. With a running time of only forty-six seconds, the footage probably once again ends up creating more questions than it answers, but still manages a captivating presence. Focusing entirely on the aforementioned character of Eleven, creators/writers/directors Matt and Ross Duffer give a brief (all too brief for some) rundown of the basics surrounding the character and her arrival in the town. You can check out the featurette in its entirety above.

What audiences can put together so far from this featurette as well as the original Stranger Things trailer is that while searching for Will, the young girl known as Eleven is discovered. As explained in the featurette, audiences’ first look at Eleven finds her dirty, in a hospital gown with a shaved head. The Duffers also reveal that Eleven is “scary” – she has inexplicable powers that emanate from her mind. Eleven also appears to have some knowledge of what exactly has happened to Will, as is evidenced by her response that he is “hiding” when asked by Will’s friends where he is.

Netflix Stranger Things trailer

It is of course, too soon to say for certain what the plot of Stranger Things entails, but based on the trailer and featurette, one assumption could be that children are being experimented on in some capacity – though the educated guess points to the government in some sort of top-secret facility. Eleven’s forearm is tattooed with the digits “011” (hence her name) giving the impression that she is part of a larger program and the hazmat suited officials looking for Will in the trailer seem to be more interested in catching rather than finding him. But again, this is all conjecture at such an early stage.

Regardless of what exactly the story offers, at this point it’s safe to assume that this being the first character featurette offered by Netflix, there will be more in the weeks leading up to the release of Stranger Things.  It's also safe to assume that given Stranger Things’ ability to already create a certain degree of buzz, many people will be checking the series out when it arrives this July.

Stranger Things premiers in full on Netflix July 15th, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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