Stranger Things Trailer #2 & Poster: Nothing Is Stranger Than Believing

Stranger Things Netflix trailer and poster

Leading up to the release of the latest Netflix original series Stranger Things next month, showrunners and co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines) are all set to deliver a program that is thematically akin to classic supernatural thrillers of the 1980s. Set in Indiana, the new show follows the plight of Winona Ryder (Homefront) as doting mother Joyce, who becomes obsessed with finding her missing son Will - no matter where that search might take her.

In keeping with the show's 1980s supernatural flair, the series will see the introduction of more than a few bogeymen, including shady government experiments and one certain individual whose outward appearance might be deceiving. With any luck, Stranger Things will bring the Duffer brothers into the limelight of the mainstream (as promised in the latest full-length trailer).

In the footage featured above, a certain hope lurks beneath the mystery behind the disappearance of Joyce's son when a strange girl who appears to be connected to Will's disappearance shows up out of the blue. Much like the first official trailer for Stranger Things, what follows in the latest batch of footage is tinged with the same sense of wonder and majesty inherent to the 1980s modern movie classics (many of them released under Steven Spielberg's Amblin banner) that the Duffer brothers are lovingly alluding to throughout their latest supernatural drama series.

Check out the latest official poster for Stranger Things, below:

Stranger Things - Netflix series poster

Whether or not viewers will be up for the ride when Stranger Things finally sees its premiere on Netflix later this July remains to be seen, but it can be said that those who do decide to go ahead and watch all eight, one hour-ling episodes are in for a treat of a very special sort. There is little more to be said in regards to the plot of the Duffer brothers program aside from what has already been said, which makes the new show something of a mystery - one to be discovered and enjoyed by an audience largely unaware of the supernatural occurrences yet to unfold.

Given the fact that the Duffer brothers will be making their first major entrance into the realm of writing and directing with Stranger Things (after having worked on the like-minded mystery series Wayward Pines), it would appear as though viewers might soon have another filmmaking team to celebrate. It's also intriguing to see Ryder back in a starring role after having spent a considerable amount of time out of the limelight, and her decided penchant for supernatural genre work should lend a certain gravitas and professional assurance to the proceedings overall.

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Stranger Things will see its premiere on Netflix on July 15th, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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