Stranger Things: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

There are tons of characters on Netflix's hit TV show Stranger Things, but fans don't love all of them. These are the most hated supporting players.

Stranger Things has an extensive cast of characters, many of whom pursue separate storylines that interweave throughout the season. The popular sci-fi Netflix has spawned fan-favorite figures such as Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson as well as some human villains as despicable as the Mind Flayer.

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The main cast is vast but Stranger Things also has a plethora of supporting characters who aid the show's narrative. Some are instrumental in altering another character's development and story arc - as well as being utterly loathsome. Here are the 10 most hated supporting characters in Stranger Things.

10 Tommy H

Tommy was a recurring character in the first and second season of Stranger Things. A former friend of Steve Harrington's, Tommy was shallow and vindictive and didn't like sharing his best friend with his new girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler.

Steve turns his back on Tommy at the end of season one, much to his former friend's fury. Tommy appears in season two, this time following Billy Hargrove, the new King of Hawkins High and continuing to mock the fallen 'king.'

9 Carol

Stranger Things Tommy H And Carol

Carol is Tommy's girlfriend and, according to Barb, the two have been involved with each other since the seventh grade. Like Tommy, Carol is also cruel and antagonistic, belittling and bullying Nancy throughout the first season.

Carol and Tommy are both stereotypical high school bullies who are quick to abandon Steve as he matures into a better person. They share little concern for Will Byers and Barb Holland when the two town residents go missing and take great joy in humiliating Nancy and Johnathan.

8 Billy Hargrove

Billy makes a dramatic entrance in the second season of Stranger Things. Having moved from California to Hawkins with his stepsister and new Party member Max Mayfield, the bully quickly takes over Hawkins High and establishes a rivalry with fallen jock Steve Harrington.

Things get worse for Billy in the third season. After nearly sleeping with Nancy's mother Karen, Billy is attacked and possessed by the Mind Flayer and seemingly sacrifices himself to save El - though there is still a possibility that he may have survived after all.

7 Troy

Troy and James in Stranger Things

Another Hawkins bully, Troy terrorizes the Party in season one and shows little concern for Will when the youngest Byers kid is presumed dead. Mike stands up to him, which nearly has fatal consequences until Eleven shows up to save the day.

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Troy forces Mike to jump into the quarry by threatening Dustin, seemingly killing the young boy. However, El emerges from the woods and uses her telekinetic powers to save her friend's life, breaking Troy's arm as a warning in the process.

6 Dr. Brenner

Stranger Things Dr Brenner

The evil government figure who Eleven knows as 'Papa' was a diabolical and ruthless man with little regard for the emotional well-being of the test subjects at Hawkins Lab. In season one, the audience sees Brenner dehumanize El and isolate her from the world to maintain control over her telekinetic powers.

Brenner uses El to spy on the Soviets and is to blame for opening the gate to the Upside Down and unleashing the Demogorgon. Fans seemingly saw him perish in the season one finale, though it was revealed in season two's "The Lost Sister" that he might have survived after all.

5 Tom Holloway

Tom was a recurring character in season three. The Editor in Chief of Hawkins Post, he was a misogynist with little regard for the women in his life despite having a wife and daughter, openly humiliating his wife at dinner and cruelly disregarding Nancy during her internship due to her gender.

Tom is a minor villain who acts as an antagonist for Johnathan and Nancy. He ultimately meets his demise at the hands of Johnathan after becoming possessed by the Mind Flayer.

4 Bruce Lowe

Bruce was another journalist at Hawkins Post and, like Tom, he was a misogynistic bully who went out of his way to antagonize Nancy. He mocks the young journalist after she begins to investigate the rat problem in town, treating her with disdain due to her gender.

Bruce also gets his comeuppance in the end. After being possessed by the Mind Flayer, Bruce attacks Nancy and Johnathan in the hospital before he is killed by Nancy, though later ends up morphing into the Mind Flayer's final grisly form.

3 Neil Hargrove

Neil Hargrove is an even bigger bully than his son and is responsible for the angry antagonist that Billy grew up to be. In the season two finale, Neil is revealed to be physically abusive towards his son, causing Billy to lash out and nearly kill Steve during their fight at the Byers' house.

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When El explores Billy's memories in season three, we further see how Neil's abuse shaped Billy's character throughout his childhood. Hopefully, like other bullies in Stranger Things, Neil will also get his comeuppance.

2 Mayor Larry Kline

Larry Kline was a recurring character in the third season of Stranger Things and was a corrupt government figure taking bribes from the Russians. He is responsible for Hopper and Alexei's deaths, having alerted the Soviets to their presence when they arrived at the fair looking for the kids.

Larry receives a beatdown from Hopper mid-season after making disparaging comments about his daughter, Sarah. He is arrested at the end of the season after his scandalous corruption is revealed.

1 Grigori

Grigori was one of the main antagonists in the third season and is one of the most detestable characters in the entire series. Stranger Things' homage to the Terminator, he is responsible for Hopper's death and also killed fan-favorite Alexei.

Grigori meets his demise in the season finale at the hands of Hopper during a struggle to close the portal to the Upside Down. Unfortunately, his death also caused Hopper's - though, like Billy, the police chief could have survived after all.

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