See Millie Bobbie Brown Rap a Stranger Things Recap

Eleven screaming in Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown has rapped a recap of Stranger Things season 1, to bring up to speed anyone that hasn’t yet watched the show’s second season. And even if you have watched season 2 already, this is still a lot of fun to witness. Long-term fans of the show will recall that Brown rapped a Nicki Minaj verse on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show last year. This is her follow-up performance.

Of course, Brown and her character Eleven have become pop culture icons thanks to the huge success of Stranger Things season 1. Eleven has been the topic of some hilarious cosplay, while Brown herself has nabbed a massive Hollywood role off the back of the series: she’ll appear in Godzilla: King of Monsters, which is now in post-production. She did, however, miss out on a role in Logan.

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And now, Brown has upped her press circuit game to heady new heights. She had already been talking about the future of Stranger Things and how she wants five seasons, but this rap video is sure to garner a lot more attention than generic hype quotes. In fact, this hilarious and unexpected talk show content has already racked up 5 million hits on YouTube.

Eleven screaming in Stranger Things

I had no hair on my head, I was so close to dead,” remembers Brown, recap-rapping the introduction of Eleven back in Stranger Things season 1. She goes on to describe “Demogorgons all in my way”, having a bloody nose, and Eleven being submerged in a tank, tapping into that iconic and unforgettable imagery from the show’s beloved first run. And, of course, there is a reference to Eggos.

However, as much as Stranger Things fans will love this rap by Brown, some members of the fandom found her main episode in season 2 – the seventh installment of the show’s sophomore run – to be a big disappointment. This reaction caused the creators The Duffer Brothers to come out and defend their decision, saying that it is important for them to “try stuff and not feel like we’re doing the same thing over and over again.”

Indeed, It was brave decision to spin Eleven out like that, and you could argue that episode seven featured season 2’s most exciting story, despite its flaws. It’ll be interesting to see if Brown does a rap about it when Stranger Things season 3 eventually does the promotional rounds.

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Stranger Things 2 is streaming now on Netflix. The Stranger Things season 3 release date is yet to be announced.

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