Stranger Things: Watch Millie Bobby Brown Transform Into Eleven

Eleven Stranger Things

[This article contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things.]


The arrival of Stranger Things on Netflix brought a new pop culture phenomenon to life and scored legions of devoted fans in the process. With its throwback style that features united bands of children striving to conquer evil, the Duffer Brothers' series has gained so much popularity in the short time since its release that many of the series’ characters have attracted their own cult following.

Audiences couldn’t help but find something sincere and identifiable in frumpy underdog Barb Holland (Sharon Purser) -- so much so that the Duffer Brothers recently insisted that Barb’s passing won’t be forgotten should the series get picked up for a second season. Meanwhile, many of those who champion the character of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), have simply wondered what the young actress looked like when she had hair.

It seems that the demand has become strong enough to reach Brown, however, as the 12-year old star recently posted a two-minute video to her Twitter account of her much longer hair being cut in preparation for the filming of Stranger Things. Despite a few brief outbursts (which can be viewed in the video below), Brown handles the chopping off of her hair surprisingly well as she’s ultimately transformed into the little girl everyone recognizes.

Here it is!! The video of me getting my hair shaved for #StrangerThings. Enjoy! #buzzed

— Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) August 21, 2016

At present, the big question surrounding Stranger Things and particularly the character of Eleven, is what role will she play (if any) in the hypothetical next season? Her sacrifice at the end of season 1 definitely helped endear her to audiences more. It’s highly doubtful that the Duffer Brothers won’t continue to tell her story – even if season 2 deals more with her backstory than her present. Given the brave and heroic nature of the character, Eleven could very well be instrumental in defeating the dark powers that lurk in the Upside Down once and for all.

This of course then begs a previously asked question – if Brown’s character is nicknamed Eleven, does this mean there are other children out there with skills similar to her own? And if so, could the future of Stranger Things involve Eleven spearheading a mission to find and free those other children from the dark horrors of the Upside Down? At this point, it’s anybody’s guess.

Though a second season of Stranger Things has yet to be announced, it already feels like a forgone conclusion to fans of the show. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the series will return. Still, with the popularity of stars like Brown, the characters themselves and the mystery the series is already well versed at creating, Stranger Things looks and feels like programming that very well could be around for a long time.

Stranger Things season 1 is currently available on Netflix.

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