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Eleven and the Arcade in Stranger Things

[The following contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 2.]


Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown says she never wants the show to end, but if it has to, she hopes it at least lasts for five seasons. Stranger Things season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix, and just like season 1, it's garnering big viewership and massive social media buzz.

Brown became a star after her performance as Eleven, the telekinetic pre-teen who grew up in a government research lab, on Stranger Things season 1. In season 2, we discover that Eleven survived her seemingly fatal encounter with season 1's main monster the Demogorgon, and is now living in a depressing shack in the woods under the protection of Chief Hopper (David Harbour). Eleven's journey eventually leads her out of the shack and into the real world - where, in a storyline that didn't go over well with all fans of the show, she journeys to Chicago and briefly falls in with a group of criminal misfits led by her long-lost "sister" Kali, before making the Luke Skywalker move of rushing back to Hawkins to help her imperiled friends.

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In an interview with Variety, Brown unsurprisingly said she hopes the show that made her a star continues on for a long time to come. She revealed:

“I would like five seasons, but maybe that’s just being me because I don’t want the show to end ever. But I’m realistic. I’m realistically saying season four, but I hope to go on through season five.”

Netflix no doubt will want to milk Stranger Things, one of their signature series, for as long as they possibly can. Series creators the Duffer Brothers for their part have indicated they would like to stretch the show out for four seasons, but aren't sure they can justify keeping it alive for longer than that, given the difficulty of dreaming up new perils for the characters to encounter year-after-year. Another consideration is the young cast, who will soon begin aging out of the early-teen range, a potential issue Netflix at one point wanted to get ahead of by filming seasons 3 and 4 back to back.

That third season of Stranger Things, which fans are already waiting for with bated breath, will take a leap forward in time in order to accommodate the young cast and their leap into puberty. Season 3 also reportedly will continue dealing with Eleven's Hawkins lab "family," which will include other "siblings" besides Kali. There is also the possibility of Matthew Modine's Dr. Brenner showing up again, now that it's been confirmed he is still alive (he appeared only in flashback and in Eleven's mind during season 2).

Considering where Eleven was at the end of season 2 and where the show appears to be going in season 3, it seems the character is in for a hard maturation process that will involve her facing a lot of bad influences. Season 2 played around with the idea of Eleven being swayed to the Dark Side as it were, but ultimately she returned to her friends in Hawkins, and got to have the dance Mike promised her in Stranger Things season 1 (it's better than getting your hand chopped off and falling into a pit). Still, it's unlikely that things will remain happy for Eleven, giving Brown more chances to develop her acting chops in the coming seasons.

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Stranger Things 2 is now available for streaming through Netflix.

Source: Variety

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