Stranger Things Star Wants Mark Ruffalo to Play Hopper's Brother

Stranger Things actor David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, lobbies for Mark Ruffalo to join the show in the role of Hopper’s older brother.

David Harbour in Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things actor David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, lobbies for Mark Ruffalo to join the show in the role of Hopper’s older brother. Though it’s only been available on Netflix for a few days, the second season of Stranger Things has caused shockwaves to ripple throughout the fandom. As is to be expected, a number of cast members have been appearing on primetime television to hype up the batch of new episodes, bumping into all sorts of different people along the way. Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown even performed a rap on Fallon.

Several members of the cast appeared on Good Morning America this past Tuesday and were joined by Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Mark Ruffalo. Known to many as the man to bring the most recent version of the Hulk to life, the actor was promoting new MCU flick Thor: Ragnarok and seized the opportunity to snap a picture with the Stranger Things stars. Capitalizing on the fact Finn Wolfhard aka Mike Wheeler wasn’t there, Ruffalo asked on his social media, “Can I be the new Mike?

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Of course, Ruffalo was simply joking around with his tweet, but it got many people thinking about just how he might be able to join the series in the future. Asked by Screen Rant’s own Daniel Falconer whether he thinks Ruffalo taking on the role of “Hopper’s long lost brother” would work, Harbour, who plays Hopper in Stranger Things, reiterated a comment he had already posted on Ruffalo’s Instagram:

Check instagram, but ill tell him again. Jim's older, more well put together brother, Hank. The star. Casts a debilitating long shadow.

— David Harbour (@DavidKHarbour) November 1, 2017

The role of Jim’s “older, more well put together brother, Hank” is certainly one that Ruffalo could fill. Not only does he share the same sort of facial features as Harbour, but he’s seven years older than his fellow actor. At around 5' 8" tall however, Ruffalo may not be able to cast the “debilitating long shadow” Harbour is looking for.

Whether or not this is something that could come to pass is of course left in the hands of those who work on the show, such as co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer. Ruffalo is someone with tremendous star power, so if he’s seriously interested in jumping aboard, we imagine those behind-the-scenes will be working their magic to bring him in on some level, whether that’s as Hopper’s older brother or in a completely different role.

As proven by season 2, the writers aren’t afraid to bring new characters into the mix, despite the level of secrecy surrounding everything the main group have to keep under wraps. Hopper’s life is something that’s not been explored on a massive scale, but we did learn more about his daughter who passed away before the events of season 1. With that out in the open, would it be so shocking to see a sibling enter the fray?

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Stranger Things seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix.

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