Mysterious Stranger Things LEGO Project Coming Soon

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LEGO has a mysterious new project, and it looks like Stranger Things is the focus. The hugely popular Netflix show may be getting the LEGO treatment, something that fans of the retro sci-fi smash-hit will no doubt be thrilled with.

LEGO is a brand that is one of the most recognized in the world and has come a long way from being toy bricks for kids. LEGO now proudly has fans of all ages, with kits ranging from those suitable for the younger builders to those of huge complexity and variety.  For years now, LEGO has joined forces with iconic movies and characters over the years with fans of franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter able to indulge their creative sides with the world-famous construction kits. Since then, some of these characters, such as Batman, have even become stars in their own right, as the brand branched out into TV and movies.

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LEGO teased fans via Twitter with an animated scene of a phone ringing, an obvious reference to the famous scene from the show that takes place in the Byers' home. As cryptic as the show itself, the tweet contains Morse code and simply says “Psst!”, giving Netflix a mention in the short, yet enticing teaser. Meanwhile, the streaming giant was equally as cryptic in their tweet on the same day, with a visual of an advertising screen featuring the LEGO logo... which also appears upside down. Fans took to the comments quickly after making the connection to Stranger Things, and it seems that they can’t wait to get their hands on whatever the new LEGO project is. While information hasn’t been officially released yet, the cryptic hints point to the obvious - that this relates to a new Stranger Things LEGO set.

Stranger Things has become a phenomenon since hitting the screen in 2016 and, with its original style, gripping storyline, fresh acting talent, and clever use of nostalgia, it’s not hard to see why. The teaser from LEGO and Netflix will therefore be another way to engage fans while they currently wait with bated breath for the next installment of their favorite show. With the much-anticipated Season 3 dropping on the 4th of July, it obviously makes sense that the famous brand would start to tease the release of a LEGO/Stranger Things project at this point. And from the reaction that it’s getting online, it seems that the merch will be incredibly popular given the show’s huge fan base.

With Stranger Things now looking likely to join such huge names as LEGO Star Wars and DC Super Heroes, it just goes to show how influential the show has become. Maybe in the weeks to come, fans may be able to get their hands on the Upside Down and see their favorite characters immortalized in the way that LEGO has done with so many more of our favorite characters. Until then, that mysterious phone will just have to keep ringing.

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Stranger Things Season 3 begins streaming on July 4, 2019 on Netflix.

Source: LEGO & Netflix

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