Stranger Things Director Open To IMAX Screenings

The producer behind Stranger Things thinks the cinematic scope of the series is perfect for IMAX theaters. If Stranger Things had been a film, it would likely be a cult hit that only diehards and genre sites discussed. Thanks to its release as a binge-able series on Netflix, however, the property was able to build positive word of mouth and tap into the streaming service's sizable base. Thanks to those factors, the second season of the show is one of them most anticipated pieces of media this year. And with the premiere right around the corner, promotion for the series is in full swing.

Releasing just in time for Halloween, the second season of Stranger Things has used its notoriety to lean into its sci-fi and horror roots for its marketing. We've seen it homage a number of '80s films already, with posters referencing Alien and Firestarter the latest to debut. A more show-specific batch of character posters, meanwhile, introduced us to the new and returning residents of Hawkins, Indiana. All told, Netflix looks to have even bigger numbers in store for them this season and likely un uptick in subscribers comes October. As such, talk has inevitably turned to the idea of Stranger Things spreading its wings a bit.

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Forbes spoke with Stranger Things producer and director Shawn Levy and they discussed the possibility of whether the show would ever screen a premiere or finale episode in IMAX theaters. When asked whether the scope of Stranger Things lends itself to the premium format, Levy had this to say:

"It does, without question and you'll see season two lends itself even more dramatically to a big screen. It's very cinematic, it's much more cinematic in season two. We had this modest little premiere for season one of Stranger Things and we screened the first episode of season one at some rental space in Hollywood. It was a mediocre screen and sound system but it was still a genuine thrill for the Duffer Brothers and I to see our show with a live audience on a big screen. That experience stayed with us and it's something we would love to recreate on a more polished and larger scale in the future."

From humble beginnings to global recognition, it's hard to argue with the appeal of seeing Stranger Things on the big screen. While the IMAX release of Inhumans hasn't proven to be a success in theaters, established properties like Game of Thrones have had better luck when attempting this move.

In the meantime, the Duffer Brothers have a recommendation for how fans watching on their TVs can better enjoy the viewing experience for the new season of Stranger Things. It won't bring things to the level of an IMAX screening, but it should allow for something closer to the cinematic vision of the minds behind the series.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres October 27 on Netflix.

Source: Forbes

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