Stranger Things: 10 Hilarious Hopper Memes That Will Make You LOL

Hopper's antics on Stranger Things led to many hilarious memes based on our favorite police-officer-turned-dad-turned-Soviet-bane. Here are the best!

Somewhere, tucked away in the small fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana lives one of the most unconventional heroes in science fiction: Hawkins' Chief of Police, Jim Hopper. Known recently as the "Fat Rambo," Hopper has saved many lives and even helped prevent a dimensional catastrophe from happening-- all the while doing the most difficult job a man can do: raising a pubescent daughter.

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That's right, Hopper might not have been the best father to Eleven initially but he sure has won the hearts of many fans. His antics and parenting in the show have made him a fan favorite. That sentiment has led to many hilarious memes for our favorite police-officer-turned-dad-turned-Soviet-bane.


Punch first, ask questions later, that pretty much sums up most of Hopper's action scenes in all three seasons of Stranger Things. There's no complaint to be had, of course, it's a refreshing change of pace from all the telekinesis and interdimensional stuff going on.

As a matter of fact, Hopper's punchiness has led to many interesting and fruitful ventures especially when investigating some of the mysteries in Hawkins. You can bet that if Hopper and anyone who's remotely bad or unpleasant is on-screen, that person's going to get a socking to the jaw... regardless of whether they're CIA or the town's mayor.


Mike, one of the main protagonists of the series and also Eleven's boyfriend has been through a lot and has even faced countless terrors from other dimensions. Tough as the kid may be right now, his resolve is still no match for the thing which teenage boys fear the most: their girlfriends' dads.

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As it turned out, Mike was right to fear Hopper. The dude's crazy, but in reality, most dads with teenage daughters can probably relate to that. Hence that joke above where Hopper wanted to deal with Mike like how he deals with Russian invaders. He never followed through with that joke and "talked" to Mike instead, which was probably a lot worse.


Being a parent while protecting your town from interdimensional monsters is a tough job. Still, Hopper managed to pull it off quite admirably. He really did his best for Eleven when he decided to adopt her and raise her as a normal human being even with the Mindflayer competing with him for the custody.

Speaking of which, there's no doubt that Hopper will do anything for his daughter, even when he has to go up against unknown creatures and unknown enemies of the state. Sadly, depending on the whims of the Duffer brothers, we might never get to see Hopper punch things to submission again.


Speaking of Hopper's death, it looks as if not many fans are convinced that the pudgy dad material got reduced to atoms and organic slush. That's the case with Stranger Things, usually, and leads to awesome marketing potential. The Duffer brothers basically got themselves a fanbase willing to advertise everything for them just because they made one person's death a little too traumatic to move on from.

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Nevertheless, a lot of signs and breadcrumbs are being dropped, leading to more and more theory strings and loops. So, don't be afraid that you might end up looking like a crazed alien conspiracy theorist after proving to your friends that Hopper might be alive. With all the hints the showrunners are dropping, he might actually be... or not?


Dad bod jabs aside, Hopper, or his actor, David Harbour, noticeably did get thicker for season 3 of Stranger Things. There's a lot of things to blame for this, probably the Demogorgons or the Mindflayer appearing every now and then but our money's on his new parenting duties. Apparently, nothing stresses Hopper more than raising Eleven.

We can even see Hopper a lot less screamy and distressed in the first season when all he had to himself was grief and loneliness. Eleven was a chance to start all over again with family, but it comes with a caveat, Hopper's life would never be peaceful again. That pretty much explains all the stress eating and the munchy mid-section.


Three inches, that word combination means a lot more to Stranger Things fans than any other fandom, because it's both a gutbuster and a tearjerker depending on when Hopper says it. Of course, the first time he introduces that line to the show will always be the most memorable.

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It will forever go down in the show's history as Hopper's feeble band-aid attempt to educate both Mike and Eleven about romantic relationships and what usually comes after a steamy French kiss. Being an antisocial brute, though, Hopper finds conveying that lesson a lot more difficult so he does the only thing he can to keep Eleven and Mike responsible: leaving the door open three inches.


From the very start of the show, Hopper and Joyce Byers already had that inherent romantic tension and chemistry. Surprisingly, it was only in the third season that the showrunners managed to explore that-- and the two didn't even kiss! All they shared were some glances, a failed date, and a disastrous carnival outing.

Well, they could have started something but Joyce got a little too fixated with some magnets losing their polarity. It was a tough call, however. Joyce had to pick between tackling potential extradimensional threats or a potential romantic opportunity.


Alexei was a gift from Soviet Russia with love that ended tragically. Thankfully, his short existence on the third season of the show made for some of the most meme-able and memorable interactions between four adult characters on Stranger Things.

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Case in point is Alexei specifically asking for a Cherry Slurpee in order to barter help and information regarding the Soviet experiment under Hawkins' mall. Hopper brought him Strawberry instead and Alexei further refused to cooperate because strawberry is not most definitely not cherry. He's a scientist for Pete's sake, of course, he can tell!

2 IS IT?

Here we have yet again another example of Hopper being an antisocial brute. For someone who likes to stress eat, Hopper sure doesn't care much about the particular flavors of sugary food and beverages. It's like he forgot all the care he put into luring Eleven with Eggo Waffles, though Alexei was an adult male so it's a slightly different story.

In Hopper's defense, the difference between a cherry and strawberry-flavored drink is quite subtle. They're red, come on! Still, when the fate of the world depends on getting the exact cherry-flavored slushie that your Soviet hostage asked for, you don't have much of a choice, really. Not to Hopper, apparently.


They had to do it. The Duffer brothers just had to keep us hanging now, don't they? "American" is a fairly ambiguous character reference. In Stranger Things' case, it's either only Billy or Hopper with the former being the less likely of the two to be present in that Soviet gulag.

How and why they were able to transport Hopper amidst all the American ground forces and the tighter security leaves a lot of things questionable, though. Regardless, no logical or continuity inconsistency is strong enough to withstand the overwhelming force of fan favor and the fans want Hopper back, even David Harbour does.

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