Stranger Things Actor Really Wants to Appear in a Star Wars Movie

Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo wants to join the Star Wars franchise. Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson on the hit Netflix sci-fi series, has never been shy about his love for his favorite fandoms. Now he wants Disney to know he’s ready to appear in a galaxy far, far away.

Stranger Things, a pop culture phenomenon, captivated audiences with its tale of a couple small-town preteens, a superpowered girl, and their battle against the supernatural. Fans were saddened to learn that season 3 won’t be coming until 2019, but the delay is due to creators Matt and Ross Duffer needing more time to decide what’s next in store for the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana. During the long wait, the cast and crew have been dropping hints about what to expect next year, including an even darker and more action filled plot. There will also be plenty more moments of '80s nostalgia with heavy references of the year 1985. But the show isn't the only thing the series' stars have on their minds.

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During a panel at FanX, Matarazzo was asked when he was going to appear in Star Wars. According to ComicBook, the actor responded, “I want to know that too. I’m not kidding.” Matarazzo is a longtime fan of the franchise, and he says its all thanks to an uncle who introduced him to the movies at a young age. “My uncle from Michigan came to visit me for a summer when I was six years old, and he got me obsessed with Star Wars.” In honor of his passion and because the panel was hosted the day before his birthday, the event was interrupted by the appearance of several Star Wars characters.

Star Wars isn’t the only movie Matarazzo has an interest in joining. He’d also really love to appear in a reboot of Jaws. The actor went on to add that most movies shouldn’t be rebooted, leaving room for more original work. That being said, should Jaws ever be redone, Matarazzo says he should be in it. “If we’re going to reboot something, just so I can say I experienced it – I’d have to be a little bit older – but maybe Jaws, just because it’s Jaws.”

There’s no word on whether Disney has any plans on adding Matarazzo to a Star Wars film, but the company appears to be continuing with their plan to expand the Star Wars universe, despite Solo’s lackluster performance. So there’s always the possibility that Matarazzo will one day leave Hawkins for the deep reaches of space. For now, he’ll remain focused on season 3 of Stranger Things. Maybe the Duffers can include some nods to Star Wars among their undoubtedly long list of '80s references planned for next season.

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Source: ComicBook

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