Telltale's Canceled Stranger Things Game Footage Leaks Online

Possible footage of Telltale Games' Stranger Things game has leaked online. The footage comes amid the ongoing shuttering of the videogame studio, which has had a whirlwind week.

Shortly after last week's rumors that Telltale was shutting down, the company laid off most of its staff to the surprise of both employees and fans. Now, a team of 25 has remained on-board to wrap up work on the Minecraft: Story Mode adaptation for Netflix, but a slew of other projects have been either cancelled or reported to be cancelled, including The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonThe Wolf Among Us 2, and a Stranger Things game from Telltale.

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Previously, there hadn't been much to see of Telltale's Stranger Things, but PCGamesN has collected various clips, supposedly leaked from the game, that were posted on Reddit yesterday. The authenticity of the footage remains unconfirmed, but it bears the hallmarks of Telltale's brand of choose-your-own-adventure gameplay (and aging engine).


The clips mostly focus on Will Byers, one of the show's young protagonists. He walks through his house, looks through drawers, and sits down in front of an old-school TRS-80 computer.


There are also a couple of clips that seem to take place in the Upside Down and feature a first-person perspective. The Demogorgon makes an appearance and Will hides under a bed, suggesting the more horror-centric spin that the game may have planned on taking.


Yesterday, in a statement to Polygon, Netflix said that the company is "in the process of evaluating other options for bringing the Stranger Things universe to life in an interactive medium." What that means, precisely, is still unclear, though there's little reason to believe that Telltale's effort at a Stranger Things game will become anything more than the clips above.

From the leaked footage, one can get the impression that Telltale's Stranger Things game would have been a rather familiar experience: some walking here and some dialogue there, with choices sprinkled throughout. Indeed, the studio has often been criticized for its commitment to a slow-to-change gameplay loop. But there are some exciting elements in the footage, too - it would have been interesting to see Telltale explore first-person horror gameplay. So while players may never know exactly what the Stranger Things game would have been like, at least now they have an idea.

What's more, a dose of Stranger Things medicine isn't too far off, with a summer 2019 premiere confirmed for season 3.

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Source: PCGamesN

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