Stranger Things Funko Figures Include the Demogorgan & Eleven

Stranger Things Title Card

Stranger Things is without a doubt one of the most successful and talked about new series of 2016, attracting audiences all over the globe and renovating the sci-fi genre - while also harkening back to some of its biggest influencers of the past. At first glance, the show is just another thriller about a young boy who goes missing from his small town, but it soon becames apparent to those watching the series that there's a lot more going on behind-the-scenes of the series' quaint little town of Hawkins, Indiana than first meets the eye.

Now co-creators Ross and Matt Duffer are gearing up to unleash the series' second season upon the world, bringing the fan-favorite characters that made the debut outing such a success back for another slew of episodes and another round of mysterious events. Whilst much of what viewers will see is being kept tightly under wraps, little tidbits of information have found their way into the spotlight; with M. Night Shyamalan even throwing his name into the ring to potentially direct a Stranger Things season 2 episode. Those unable to wait for the new season however, can find some solace in the latest tie-in product for the property.

Many of the characters from Stranger Things have now officially been immortalized in their own Funko Pop Vinyl line. You can check out two of the show's most memorable characters in Funko form below (head over to Amazon to see the full set):

Stranger Things Funko - Eleven

Stranger Things Funko - Demogorgon

The company has turned characters Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, the dangerous Demogorgon and even Barb into wonderfully-crafted Funko collectibles, each standing at 3 ¾ inches tall and coming in a window display box. There is even the chance for some lucky fans to receive a 'Chase' version (rarer than the regular figure) of Eleven or the Demogorgon when placing an order for the original, which are also sold online for up to (and sometimes even beyond) ten times the normal price.

Stranger Things is just one of many television shows whose license has been granted to Funko for a line of attractive new merchandise. The company seems to be going from strength to strength and unveiled a whole slew of new products at this week's London Toy Fair, including new Jessica Jones and Daredevil figures, with '90s Nicktoons cartoons even getting the Funko treatment.

The selection of Stranger Things collectibles will be hitting stores on February 20, ahead of the second season of the show debuting this year on Netflix. Stick with Screen Rant for more updates on the show's second season as they come in.

Source: Funko

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