Netflix’s Stranger Things dropped a little over a year ago with almost no hype. Then, suddenly last July, it seemed that all people could talk about was this bingeable ’80s throwback full of heart, friendship, monsters and Matthew Modine.
Season one of Stranger Things left us with a lot of things, like the importance of Christmas lights for communicating with the other side and a hunger for Eggos. But mostly, it left us with a hell of a lot of questions. Luckily, we’ve learned that season two will drop earlier than the expected Halloween release date (yes, only four days earlier, but still) and as you can imagine, fans already have their theories about what’s to come.

While some things have already been confirmed (everything takes place a year later and Eleven is alive, huzzah!), there is still so much still unknown. Creators the Duffer Brothers said to Entertainment Weekly, “Hopefully you’ll come to the end of season ywo and feel fully satisfied and want more but you’ll feel like it has come to a conclusion. But also we’ve laid the ground work for further seasons.” It is unclear how many actual answers we’ll get this year.
That being said, Here are 15 Craziest Fan Theories About Stranger Things: Season 2.

15. The Monster Is Eleven

Demogorgon 15 Craziest Fan Theories About Stranger Things: Season 2

When we meet Eleven for the first time, she’s more lab rat than girl; head shaved, stealing food from a local diner. She then works to find and fight The Demogorgon, save her friends. She disintegrates the monster and, seemingly, herself in the process.

Sounds like it all wraps up a little too nicely? That’s not by coincidence. Many fans believe that The Demogorgon isn’t just a creature of the Upside-Down, but a physical reflection of Eleven’s trauma, like a brain tumor come to life. These two arrive together and leave together, totally connected – like the two-headed Demogoran figured on Mike’s Dungeons & Dragons board.

Eleven even outright tells Mike, “I’m sorry. The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.” While we thought this was just guilt for letting the Demogorgon out of its figurative cage, it’s a statement that may be more literal than you thought.

14. The New Giant Monster: The Thessalhydra 

Stranger Things 2 Monster drawing 15 Craziest Fan Theories About Stranger Things: Season 2

You may have seen the gigantic spider-like monster straight out of a Lovecraftian nightmare stalks the streets of Hawkins, Indiana in the trailer. So what is this new literal big bad? Many fans believe it’s the Thessalhydra, the same creature the kids were battling in D&D at the end of the last season.

Time for some background. In mythology, the hydra was killed by Hercules and his nephew Iolaus by working together, since if even one head remained, all the heads would all grow back. Fan speculate that, this time, Eleven can’t kill the beast alone; the group has to work together.

Worse, in D&D, the bigger-badder Thessalhydra isn’t a natural creation, but one purposely designed. Many believe that, this time, the monster doesn’t come from The Upside-Down, but straight from Hawkins Lab. Those crazy scientists – what will they do next?