Stranger Things: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

Stranger Things has a lot of character dynamics that are ripe for fan fiction relationships, and these ten are by far the most popular with the fans.

Stranger Things is a show that makes us remember our childhood, and for some, it even causes nostalgia for a time they never knew. It is a show that has captured the hearts of both teenagers and adults thanks to its mysterious atmosphere and well-written characters.

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Part of the appeal of the show is the couples we see. However, we don't always get to enjoy some pairings that could have been cute together, so here are 10 Stranger Things Fan Fictions Relationships We Wish Were Real.

10 Henler (Dustin Henderson & Mike Wheeler)

Dustin and Mike might not be a very popular ship, but it is understandable why it exists. Dustin and Mike are very close friends and seem to understand each other quite well. Mike has a different dynamic with Dustin compared to the one he has with Lucas and Will.

Of course, Dustin and Mike already have a great enough bromance, but some fans like imagining them as more than friends. If they were a couple on screen, they would probably be the ones to prank everyone because both of them seem to like such things.

9 Madwheeler (Mike Wheeler & Max Mayfield)

When Max Mayfield was introduced in the second season of the show, many fans felt like she could be the reason for Mike and Eleven's relationship not working out. However, everything turned out to be less complicated and Mike did end up with Eleven.

Yet, it's fun to imagine what it could have been like if Mike and Max became a couple. Both of them have very stubborn personalities, especially Max. They would probably argue a lot but make up in the end nonetheless.

8 Wileven (Will Byers & Eleven)

It's interesting how Eleven and Will found a common language. Because of Eleven's connection to the Upside Down and Will's involuntary stay there, they both started understanding each other in this sense.

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If Will and Eleven had bonded more over their experience with the Upside Down, they could have become a couple on screen. In this scenario, Mike would probably still be in love with Eleven and be jealous of her. Alternatively, he could have bonded with Max and ended up with her instead.

7 Ronance (Robin Buckley & Nancy Wheeler)

Ever since Robin was revealed to be a lesbian, many fans have been eager to see in have a happy relationship with her own love interest. For now, she only has Steve's ill-fated (but nonetheless sweet) confession, though she answered it with the fact that she likes girls rather than guys.

The fourth season might introduce Robin's potential girlfriend, but for now, we only have Nancy to ship her with. After all, both of them are smart and beautiful, and both of them have been Steve's love interest at one point or another, even though the two girls haven't interacted much on screen.

6 Stonathan (Steve Harrington & Jonathan Byers)

Much like shipping the two older girls, fans have resorted to pairing up the guys too. Steve and Jonathan went from being enemies to good friends, and their friendship has developed well too. It's no wonder they are sometimes seen as a great potential couple.

Both guys have dated Nancy and both are quite good-looking. At the same time, their personalities are completely different, with Jonathan being the loner and Steve being the popular guy. This could also make for a fun dynamic to watch with Jonathan being shy and Steve more or less being in charge.

5 Dumax (Dustin Henderson & Max Mayfield)

Dustin and Max's ship is a couple that could have happened, but never did. Lucas and Dustin had been competing for Max's attention for a while before Max ultimately decided to become Lucas's girlfriend and go out with him.

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Nevertheless, Dustin eventually found a girl for himself, though it's interesting to imagine what Dustin and Max's relationship would have been like. They would definitely make as sweet of a pair as Lucas and Max currently are.

4 Byler (Mike Wheeler & Will Byers)

Another LGBT character on the show might be Will, so obviously he would have some kind of ship created for him by fans. It has been hinted several times that Will might have a crush on Mike which is why such a couple could make sense.

In the first season, all three of Will's friends were very worried when he went missing, but Mike seemed to be the most concerned over it. If Mike had been revealed to be gay and they ended up together, they would probably make for a very caring and mutually protective couple.

3 Elmax (Eleven & Max Mayfield)

Just like some of the boys are shipped because of their special friendships, Eleven and Max are a fan pairing because of their strong bond too. At first, Max seemed to be the odd one in the group, and Eleven didn't quite want to see her around. But with time, they came to respect one other and became friends.

The two girls share secrets, go shopping together, ask for each other's opinions, and do all kinds of girly things that such friends would do. Of course, some fans saw it as something more than friendship, and it could be so in a different reality.

2 Stobin (Steve Harrington & Robin Buckley)

This is perhaps one of the couples that many fans expected to happen and looked out for, but it never did because of a twist nobody expected. Steve and Robin's romantic relationship is practically impossible because Robin is simply not into guys.

But if Robin didn't turn out to be a lesbian, the two would definitely be dating by this point. They get on quite well and have one of the best dynamics in the show. Nevertheless, it's nice to see them as friends.

1 Murrlexi (Murray Bauman & Alexei)

The saddest thing about this ship is that one of the two is dead, but that somehow makes it an even more compelling pairing. The tragic story is always more appealing than the happy one. Murray Bauman and Alexei seemed to be an unlikely pair, but it ultimately became a fan favorite.

Murray and Alexei would probably be the ones to go from friends to lovers, a popular trope in film and literature. It felt like the two had discovered a language of their own and would probably ignore everything happening around them for the sake of reveling in one another's company.

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